MKE Week 5: Why Your Opinions Suck…


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Master Key Experience webinar on the weekend overflowed with raw energy and unbridled enthusiasm as Mark dealt a hand with a sincerity like I’d never seen before. I kid you not!  I thought weeks 1 through 4 were a bit of a stretch for this worldly granddad… but this mind-bender shocked me:

“Offer no opinions this week…”

I thought he was joking!  NOT! I mean Mark has a great sense of humour but this was serious stuff!

My first thoughts were…

What? Me opinionated?  nah… it’s all perspective – isn’t it?  Guess again and sit tight, buckwheat, while  I reveal a few insights from week 5 of the Master Key lessons.  And then I’m going to issue a challenge to you to see if you’ve been reading or just skimming.

Let’s back up a pace and explore the basics.

Attachment to Current Reality Kills the Dream

Key question:  “Why are we so attached to our current reality, it prevents us from having a new one?”

Think about for a moment. So many of us spend time thinking of regrets or drama from the past and worry about the future, we miss life’s greatest moment – the present!  And within the uncertainty of the present is the wisdom we require to build a new blueprint for our new life.

Attachment is ego and we stay attached to associative non creative memories for feelings of comfort and the illusion of control.  As long as we’re attached we can’t be detached. And until we become detached we can’t experience living from the creative frontal lobe of our brain.

Couldn’t resist a little tongue-in-cheek jab with this one…

Lighten up eh?  I’m getting to the opinion issue.

Evidence clearly indicates the biggest culprit in keeping us attached to associative memory is our… yes you guessed it: OPINIONS!

We love to give our take on sports, movies, in-laws, reality shows and government.  Well maybe not government.  But we do love our opinions.

So unless we’re an expert in a given topic, in which case we can give facts, STOP giving opinions by the dozen every day!  Not even to yourself!

They anchor us to the past and prevent us from changing our reality.

But they are comfortable eh?

Shifting from Ego to Meaning…

We’ve all heard the expression:

“You’ve got to park your ego at the door.”  

But who even knows HOW to do that when that’s requested?   I’m working on it.  And I must admit it’s been a challenge to observe opinions before they automatically leave my mouth.

Couple of times this week I wished I had a bungee cord attached to them and could snap them back before they reached other ears.

I have been able to stop before spouting off with my opinion a few times. And now the real test is not even to THINK the opinion or judge the other’s opinions in any way. I’m confident I can get to that point over time. Not overnight tho’.

So the goal for the next two weeks is to detach from my associative memory, be present at all times and offer no opinions whatsoever, or think them.

This post was only a short glimpse of one of the exercises.  Without the benefit of the 90 minute webinar – it’s a tough concept to grasp.  But you’re probably smarter than the average bear or you wouldn’t have read this far.  And I’ll write another post to elaborate on this critical key a little more.

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’til next time…
– Dennis

PS:  You up for the challenge?  Give NO opinions this week and observe how you feel about it.

Let me know how you make out with it.

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  • I really enjoyed and appreciated your conversational style. Your site is gorgeous and shows you have put a lot of effort to develop the expertise that you have. I admire that level of commitment. You have a gift for sorting through a lot of complex ideas and expressing them concisely. I admire that. Great Job. This is a blog I want to follow. I’ll be back for sure. Your light inspires me.

  • Phil, Many thanks for your comments. I appreciate you! Let me know if I can be of any help with your adventures… since we’re almost neighbours. Well – at least in the same country.

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