MKE Week 19 – What am I Pretending Not to Know?


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This question is the pivot point: ‘What am I pretending not to know?’ And it’s wreaked havoc with my mind all week!  Here’s why…

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich material has been the source of millions of changed lives worldwide over the past few decades and continues to be flagged as a must read on many reading lists, including mine.

However, it’s not simply a “read”.  It’s a study.  And I must admit when I first read the book back in the 80’s, I didn’t embrace it or immerse myself in the wisdom Hill offered as a plan to identify and achieve a definite main purpose in life. DMP

And history repeats itself…

Haanel’s Master Key System found it’s way on to a bookshelf in my library on Gabriola Island in the early 2000’s.  Waded though it but didn’t spend one week on each lesson as recommended.  And the kicker… I even had a copy of Wallace Wattles “little green book”, The Science of Getting Rich on the same shelf. What was I thinking?  I guess I wasn’t and that was the real problem.

This is Hard to Believe Now!

I had in my possession the genius of three of the most brilliant minds who handed over the keys to the kingdom to anyone who “got it”and developed the self-confidence to do the mental labour required to experience life on their terms… and didn’t implement their wisdom?

So there they sat on my bookshelf collecting dust, aging to maturity like a bottle of rare red wine.  ‘cuz at the time I was oblivious to the potential power I possessed to change the course of my life and inspire others around me.

Of course I had read them and was intrigued by the knowledge – however as Haanel says many times: Knowledge will not apply itself

Knowledge Does Not Apply Itself

Then in 2006 the release of Rhonda Byrnes movie, The Secret sparked my interest in once again to learn more about the law of attraction and I did some work with intentions and experienced some great results for a few years. 

However none of our friends at the time were on the same frequency so any meaningful conversations had about a 30 second lifespan and I simply lost interest in taking action. Duh!  Sub-conscious mind and my old habits pulled me back to my comfort zone. Old blueprint wins again!

Fast-forward to September 2015 to my re-introduction to Haanel and Hill with
The Master Key Master Mind Alliance and a new spark was ignited within the depths of my soul to BE more and add meaning and significance to this chapter of my life.

Throw Og Mandino’s scrolls into the mix and the formula for success took on a life of it’s own.  Add Mark J and his team of Jedi Knights to the team to help guide me in the powerful complex compound progressions to “apply the knowledge”, develop the skill of persistence and believe once again in the power of the “force” or universal mind.

My thoughts Exploded into Another Universe… 

The universal mind had my back – if I played the game of life by the laws.  Nature’s laws.  I knew that – why hadn’t I been applying the knowledge? Peer support?  MKMMA had my back too!

So what just happened here?

I had been simply drifting along with the tide for the last 7 years and suddenly I woke up to the fact the wasted days of yesteryear were dead and gone.  Waste NO time thinking about ‘what could have been”.  Thanks Og!  And to add new vitality to the rest of my life – my true adventurous spirit had to reveal itself again.

Time to step up or step back – which would it be? 

Remember the question from last week’s post?  The one that is key for everyone to answer before they ask for and claim what they want to experience in their short stay on this planet? 

What am I Pretending NOT to know?

When you find the answer it eliminates any perceived stumbling blocks, fears, worry or doubt – or excuses to keep you from completing your hero’s journey.

The first time I heard the question, a couple of weeks ago, I thought about it and masterminded about it with my MM partner.  The answer evaded me and I was annoyed because I thought is should be obvious to me.  I asked the guy in the glass one night after I told him I loved him… could’t refuse me then could he?

In a somewhat frustrated voice I asked, “WTF am I pretending not to know? “  He looked me straight in the eye and retorted back in a similiar voice, “Duh! Dennis, this stuff works…”

I questioned him,  “What stuff? “ Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning! I had been pretending not to know one simple truth, even tho’ I had verbalized it on previous occasions. 

Why had I not been disciplining myself apply the knowledge to make the changes I wanted to see in my life?  I know I had applied some of it – but that’s not the deal.  The deal is to apply all of it with persistence.  And Mandino’s scroll this month was “I live every day as if it is the last.”  I was ignoring that too!  Duh!

Consistently observe thoughts – choose a feeling – form a belief – take action – get results.  Focus on the intention or goal as if I had already achieved it – because at a quantum level I was already in possession of it (whatever it was).  I had to demand it – claim it and allow myself to receive it.

Wattles simply called it “thinking stuff”.  Haanel is much more elaborate in his ongoing descriptions through out his lessons. In this instance Haanel puts it in easy language:

You may know that thought constantly, eternally is taking form, is forever seeking expression, or you may not, but the fact remains that if your thought is powerful, constructive, and positive, this will be plainly evident in the state of your health, your business and your environment.If your thought is weak, critical, destructive and negative generally, it will manifest in your body as fear, worry and nervousness, in your finance as lack and limitation, and in discordant conditions in your environment.

Charles haanel

There it is in all it’s simplicity!
Why do we tend to make it more complex than it is?  

The Laws of the Universe Work…

This one simple sentence has the power to change my life!  Yours too!  Why? The Law of Growth – works without exception every time for everyone – by design or default.  You choose.

However – you have to believe it to receive it.  And have the faith to follow through with the necessary activity to manifest whatever you desire.  Avoid the “state of need or wanting” which manifests as lack and replace it with earnest desire.

So I had been pretending “not to know” the laws of the universe actually work!  What other reason could there be for me not to follow them? Anything else would only have been an excuse – lying to myself. Now I wonder if there’s anything else I have been pretending not to know…

Time to watch the movie “Finding Joe” and watch Joseph Campbell show me how to “find Dennis” and get going on my Hero’s Journey.

Now the second question from the last post adds extreme heat to the bottom of my feet to get me up and running with a Plan of Action”

To be continued…
– Dennis

PS:  Have you answered: What am I  pretending not to know?
Go ahead and comment below…

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  • Once again you nail it Dennis and pull all the pieces together. I really like the way you’ve brought into perspective Haanel’s admonition that knowledge does not apply itself. I too read many of the books you speak of in the past (not Haanel for some reason) and did not make the recommended application. Super post my friend!

  • Hey – thanks Terry! Always great to hear your perspective. I appreciate you! It’s amazing how smart my bookshelf has been over the years… lessons learned this year will stay etched in my mind.

  • If I didn’t know better I would think you had been reading my mind and posted my thoughts and feelings. Have you ever read Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil?” Very interesting his insights that are still true today. Excellent blog, Dennis! Bruce recently posted: Drifting

  • hahaha – good one Bruce! I just checked my bookshelf and found it! “Favourite quote: Fear is the tool of a man-made devil.” Great to meet you. Thanks for your comments!

  • Very interesting blog Dennis!! I love that part on your talking to the guy in the glass, I can almost see it! It is true that being alone with Hill and Haanel’s book was too difficult, but now we have the Alliance and the MKMMA partner, how cool is that? Have a great day,Chiara

  • Thank you Chiara! Great to see you here today! Yes, studying Haanel’s work without the support of a mastermind would be tough slugging. MKMMA has been a great find. Enjoy the ride!

  • Awesome blog Dennis. As many of us, I have read the books, without results. So one answer to your question would be ” I pretended not to know that knowledge didnt apply itself”. I have now on this MKE journey been guided to apply the knowledge.

    Keep at it, be patient and persistent.

  • Hi Martin – thanks for your compliment and comments! I agree the MKMMA Experience has been a mind bender roller coaster ride but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! The guidance and masterminding has been amazing as we create a new life plan blueprint. Cheers!

  • I don’t think we actually knew how the Laws of the Universe actually worked ……. or at least how to implement them. Congratulations on digging deep and finding the real Dennis. Your light is greatly appreciated by the planet.

  • Well, thank you Barb! I appreciate your comments. The Laws of the Universe work with scientific exactitude every time. For example: The Law of Gravity works the same for everyone – every time. Whether you weight 30 lbs or 300 lbs and you step off the edge of a 5 storey building – you’re gonna mess up the sidewalk below.

    The Law of attraction works in the same precise predictable outcome. Thought is cause and results are effect. So when we attach a feeling to a thought and form a belief – it inspires an action which creates a result. We have complete control over our results. The catch is – we have to observe our thoughts and ensure the emotion and vitality we add is in harmony with our intended outcome.

    Simple method but far from easy! We are the channel to manifest our desires with all the power of the universal mind. The MKMMA guides us to discover how to apply the universal laws to shape our life in any direction we choose. Cool eh?

  • Thank you Aanya! Enjoyed the movie Finding Joe and now working hard at finding Dennis! Cheers…

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