Master Key Week 12 – The Law of Love: Vitality Ignites Success


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[pullquote align=”normal” cite=”Charles Haanel”]Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible[/pullquote]

Whole lot of lovin’ goin’ on this week…

I’ll get to Haanel in a minute but first this quick aside…

A new friend of mine this week asked me if my blog posts were written from my heart, which caused me to pause for a few seconds and then I replied “Yes, each week I reflect on the readings from Haanel, Mandino and the MKMMA webinar exercises to write my post.” 

I begin writing the post with a couple of thoughts from the week – hold it a sec –  did I say thoughts?  Am I writing from my head or my heart – ‘cuz we all know you don’t get thoughts from your heart, right?  Or do you?  Let’s think about this for a minute…

Follow Your Heart
My Heart is my Compass

My weekly musings start out as thoughts sparked by material I’ve studied and my observations about my feelings around those thoughts.  Additional thoughts are ignited by the feelings as I write the words… which leads to different feelings, more thoughts and the beat goes on… and on…

Of course, while I’m writing,  my thoughts may morph into what I feel at any given moment.  aha –  I think I write from my heart.

So, yes – my musings are straight from the heart.
Reflections of my feelings…

This is not a Test – This is Rock & Roll!

I admit to slightly tongue-in-cheek chatter, occasionally, because my fun filter kicks in for everything I do and often what I say.  Why?   Life is too short to be a stick-in-the-mud. Lighten up eh?  

DMP Protocol
Winner of 5 DG Awards!

And at the end of the day…

It’s my movie script and my adventure so I get to choose how to direct my thoughts and feelings without sucking up to any point of view or stroking someone’s ego.  

The only guy I am accountable to is the guy in the mirror and he is not shy about giving me feedback.  Progress!

So what you see is what you get from me.  Occasionally an opinion slips through tho’…[blank_space height=’1em’]

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A couple of years ago my heart informed me:

Life is a one-way street and rumour has it – we’re not coming back this way again soon.  So, why not make it a fun time and leave the world a happier place on the way by?  Add value to other folks lives and do my best for them.

Hope they love me – if they don’t – NOT my problem.

I am only responsible for doing my best for you.  I am not responsible for how you respond or react to it. That one’s on you – not me.

Translate the Language of your Heart

Heard a great comment on the weekend:

“Our heart speaks to us more often than our head – we have to learn how to translate the language of the heart better…” 

The quote came from an east coast guy now living on some remote island in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Resonated with me!

Admittedly translating the language from my heart has been a difficult task for me this year. My MKMMA experience is helping me improve the odds of getting it right.

Haanel’s 12:21 explains the combination of thought and love forms the irresistible force we know as the Law of Attraction. I was careful not to skim over this paragraph because I know the Natural Laws of the Universe are infallible.  They work the same for you as they do for me. Precisely every time.

Law of Gravity
Universal Laws are Infallible

I knew that tho’ – so did you – right?  Been applying it?

For example the Law of Gravity:  It doesn’t matter whether you weight 30 pounds or 300 pounds, if you step off the top of a 5 storey building, you’re going to mess up the sidewalk below with the same certainty. 

It’s the law. Never varies, period. Scary eh? Powerful too!

The Law of Attraction (cause & effect) works with the same exactitude every time, whether you understand it or not, believe it or not, like it or not, and plan it or not.

Whatever you focus dominant thoughts on, add highly charged emotions (vitality) and take inspired action, will manifest the desired results.  It’s also the law. Never varies.

The challenge is to persistently practice the correct actions to become an experienced operator of the precise mechanism (thoughts) so you can predict the outcome every time. 

The Secret is to Master the Process

My heart says fall in love with an ideal, get passionate about it, apply universal law to it, believe I’m already in possession of my desire and hold the faith to allow it to show up in my life.

Sounds easy but it’s not!

This is NOT an afternoon’s work by any stretch of the imagination!  There are many pieces to complete that puzzle.  It’s hard mental labour and I’m in the middle of the course at week 12!  Got a ways to go yet!

My head speaks it’s mind and says: are you kidding me – this stuff is right over the top and can’t possiblely work.  If it worked, more people would have what they desire in life.

The key is to understand we have the power to master the process and predict our results with complete accuracy every time.  And then do the mental work required for developing mastery.

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The Law of Attraction is Love


Best wishes for the Holiday Season!

Leave your comments below and let me know what guides you – Head or Heart?

’til next time…

Live vibrantly!
Dennis Goff[blank_space height=’5em’]

  • Thanks for the thought provoking blog Dennis. Thoughts and Love…cause and deep emotions…we can assign whatever emotion we want to our thoughts…using the conscious to influence the subconscious peptide pumps…this is going to take some practice and some focus… Better than TV! Mindfulness vs mindlessness. I can be what I will to be. Thanks for the little shot of courage.

  • Damn peptides – addictive little suckers eh? Who’d have thought we were chemically addicted to emotional responses eh? Not me! My MKMMA Experience has been a mind expanding adventure for sure this fall. Thanks for your encouragement Phil. Cheers!

  • I”m in transition currently from thinking with my head to loving with my heart! Great Blog Dennis! And equally awesome site as well!

  • rooting my head in my heart. 😉
    thanks for remembering to focus on it daily, or eh, ‘minutely’

  • Yah – I love the ‘minutely’ concept, Dominica – why wait until the next day, right! Thanks for visiting and commenting today.

  • Gracias, Julia! Thank you for “being there” for us on the mind bender roller coaster ride… I appreciate you!

  • Thank you Sir Ryan – Love to hear from others using their compass instead of the clock. Cheers!

  • Dennis, love your post-, it certainly is fun being the watchman at the gate! Enjoy your journey, Carol

  • Love this post! And when I think about everything in life I’ve been successful at, I can’t help but admit it’s because I thought about it, was enthusiastic about getting it, and kept at it day in and day out. Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  • Hey thanks Rex – I wanted to visit your blog but you didn’t add your website to the comment… Cheers!

  • Carol – many thanks for visiting and your comment – the watchman makes all the work fun on the way by – happy and harmonious is the name of the game eh?

  • Latasha – Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you! Enjoy the Holiday Season. Hope to see you again in the New Year. Cheers!

  • Dennis…Wow! Thank you for your honest, playfulness and EN-THUS-EEE-ASSSS-UM as Mark so often says!
    Wonderful Blog

  • hahaha – Thank you for commenting with enthusiasm, Deb! Glad you enjoyed the blog – drop in any time. Grateful to share the adventure with so many time travellers. Hey – just noticed you forgot to add your link so I could visit your blog…

  • haha – thank you Virginia! Yes – make it fun – then it’s not work! Loving the experience. Glad you enjoyed the post!

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