MKE Week 13 – The Strangest Secret Sparked an Enlightened Era of Personal Growth


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The Strangest Secret was first published by Earl Nightingale in 1956. Click on the Audio Play below to hear the original vinyl version of the classic that sparked a new era in personal growth that evolved into a multi billion dollar industry.

Enjoy the timeless wisdom from the father of one of top 3 highest demands markets on the planet today – self discovery.

Week 13 of my Master Key Experience was a ‘back to the future’ moment for sure.  A time when wisdom from the past properly applied has the power to determine my future.

Much to my surprise and delight, Mark J included one of the most inspiring and life-changing recordings ever made.  One that has literally changed millions of lives around the world over the past 5 decades.

That’s right, over fifty years have rolled by since this recording launched a new industry.

I love the truth revealed both in The Strangest Secret recording and in my experience with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.  It’s the simple secrets of pure science behind the wisdom of the ages which detail exactly how to achieve whatever we want in life with predictable accuracy.

It’s called secret ”’cuz most never discover this truth and many who do uncover it – don’t understand or apply their new found knowledge.  

Sad but true…

Those who realize the power we have within and focus with persistence on their heart’s desire to experience the life they want to live, find true health, wealth and love.

Earl’s message totally electrified the first group of salespeople who listened to it. It sparked a dynamic inferno of activity and each week he received thousands of requests for a copy. The ever-increasing number of people anxious to get their own copy soon hit 200,000 then 1,000,000!

Fast Forward to Now – 2015

Now, over 50 years after its original recording, The Strangest Secret has become the most powerful and influential message ever recorded. Listen to it – hear it – take action on the wisdom Earle shares.

You’re welcome to visit this page as many times as you like to listen to this recording. Bookmark the page for quick reference.

Or you can snag your own copy right now – right click and “save as”  here.

Taking Time to Calm My Mind

This fall has been a wild ride with studying and forming new habits to expand my life. It’s been an adventure I love and look forward to what the New Year holds for me.

I know I’ll be tuning in to The Strangest Secret several times over the holidays to stay focused on the power I have discovered.  Applying this knowledge amplifies my activity to create my new blueprint for this chapter of my life and I am lovin’ the changes I see in the guy in the glass.

Stay well, enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends.

Take some risks…

’til next time…
– Dennis

PS: I’m grateful to have the opportunity to study with MKMMA this year and happy to share my experience with you. Share your thoughts below…

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  • Good one Dominica! Reading your post and your “house in the mountains” in BC – different context than BC I relate to tho’ – I live in British Columbia and a house in the mountains here would be wild.

  • Another reflection written with the gift of the recording immediate for us. Thank you.
    Sending you blessings as you celebrate with Family and Friends these special days. Thank you for your written words of inspiration.

  • Julia, thanks for your words of encouragement on this adventure! Glad you’re finding inspiration in my posts. Enjoy the time with your family over the holidays.

  • Fascinated by the Strangest Secret recording. Can’t wait to listen to it. Have a great new year. Barbara

  • Hi Barbara – turns out it’s not that strange… or maybe the reason it’s strange is so very few folks understand the power we all have within us to be successful beyond words. All we need to do is follow a few simple steps (focus). Enjoy the recording! Make it a great New Year!

  • I finally had a moment to listen to the recording. Good stuff!!! Thanks for the link as well. I found it on youtube, but from now on I will just come to your page!

  • Sara, Yes – some mentors in life offer wisdom that never ages. Earl Nightingale was one of them for sure. Glad you found it helpful. Thanks for reading and commenting…

  • Hi Dennis, thanks for the great back ground info on The Strangest Secret. We are so fortunate doing this course, which has exposed us to most of Earl’s wisdom as well as countless other priceless information, as well as support for 26 weeks, which will put us well on our way to achieving all we desire. I am grateful you found my blog, allowing me to “find” yours. I will be with you on the rest of this journey.

  • Thank you for giving my post a nod today, Martin! Great to see you here. Yes, this adventure with MKMMA is outstanding and will remain etched forever in my mind. Make it a fantastic 2016, Martin!

  • Thank you Cynthia – I was once told by a mentor of mine – if you can talk – you can write. So I write like I was talking to you. I appreciate you!

  • WOW, I want to be like you when I grow up. Your blog is so very visually inviiting. I will be back.

  • Thank you for sharing this timeless message. Populating our day with this type of content is so powerful in shifting out old patterns and habits that don’t charter the way to awesomeness! You rock!

  • Wow! It is certainly apparent why this is a featured blog. I love the layout. I love it so much I would like to copy it. What theme are you using? This is a very professional looking site.

  • Thank you for the “wow” Richard! Always feels great to hear folks appreciate my website and content. Once you master wordpress you can design your site exactly the way you want. There are thousands of Premium themes in the marketplace. My experience has narrowed it down to a couple of companies who outperform the others and they each have many themes designed for specific uses.

    This theme is called Storied. If you would like more information about it… shoot me a quick message here: Contact Dennis

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