MKE Week 24: How to Achieve the Most with the Law of Least Effort


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The Law of Least Effort sparked my thoughts for this post today.  Mark J introduced it to us in one of the webinars a couple of weeks ago and even tho’ I knew some of the knowledge from previous studies – I didn’t have it all.

Now I have the MP3 on my classic Nano for easy access and repetitive listening of Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Laws of Success. The Law of Least Effort is the fourth one. More specifics later about it.

My musings in the meantime…

Are you ready to live an effort free life?

This perspective is woven thru the entire MKMMA fabric and I wanted to distill it’s essence for you and also for my ongoing clarification.  So let’s take a look…

Haanel makes it clear when we struggle we are trying too hard or pitting ourselves against the flow of the universal laws and we are inviting failure to come knocking at our door.  So this is worth repeating. 

If you’re struggling – stop it right now!

Why?  Simply because until you make a commitment to stop struggling, you ARE too attached to the outcome.  When you want something so badly you think you can’t live without it… check with the guy or gal in the glass and verbally let go.  Detach from the outcome.

You do talk to the guy or gal in the glass don’t you? 

OK then, it’s time you said something like this, “I don’t actually need this for me to be happy.  This is an only illusion.” Then let him know what you REALLY want.  And that would be the BEST POSSIBLE outcome for all involved in the situation – whatever it is.

Then simply let it go…

Just to clarify, it doesn’t mean you’re not committed to the best possible outcome or you don’t believe in your goal or don’t have confidence in yourself.  Remember, forget about the “cursed hows” as Mike Dooley says.  It doesn’t have to happen in any specific way at a specific time.

The outcome is the outcome… period!

If you do this, it means you’re more committed to the process in the present moment and honouring your true self instead of selling out to get a future outcome.  Critical thinking here!

What happens will surprise you.  Instead of scurrying to and hurrying – stop, reflect and enjoy every precious moment.  Less effort better results.  Why?  Regardless of what circumstance surround you  – the mindset to win in the game of life is this – there is always enough of everything.

Breathe – relax…

Limitless supply is available for your demand and there is never a shortage of anything.  Whatever you need in your future, new relationships, a job, money, more business, it will be there exactly when you need it – then and only then. 

It’s the law...

Yeah – I heard what you whispered about metaphysical nonsense.  Once upon a time I thought that was a bedtime story too. But I’ve discovered it’s not.  It’s pure science!  And the Master Key Experience shows us the detail of how the science works for you and for me 24/7/365 without fail.

In fact, our success is virtually guaranteed when we stop resisting these natural laws and start cooperating with them. That’s what I’ve been learning to do for the past six months.  And you can too. You ARE a creator.  You’ve been creating successfully your entire life.

The Bad News

If you’ve been struggling you’ve been creating by default instead of design. Relax tho’  – it’s not your fault and there is a solution I’ll share with you.

The Good News

Once you learn the skills to become a deliberate creator you will be astounded at the effortless life; you’ll enjoy in harmony with the laws of the universe (or God’s laws if you prefer) The beauty is – all the good things you want to experience in life will seem to appear for you as needed – seemingly without effort.

This is exactly the way you were meant to live. Me too – I love it!

The Law of Least Effort

You could also call it the law least resistance when you achieve more by striving less. It’s not as contradictory as it sounds.

Think of it this way…

Everything in nature works in complete harmony with the laws of the universe whether it’s a rose unfolding in the summer sun, a puffy white cloud floating by or a raging river rushing to the sea.  They don’t try they simply do.  Everything in the universe is exactly as it should be at this very moment… including you and me.

“Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease . . . with carefreeness, harmony, and love. And when we harness the forces of harmony, joy, and love, we create success and good fortune with effortless ease.” – Deepak Chopra

Our bodies are a bundle of energy in a constant state of vibration. Our emotional state at any given time will determine whether we save or waste energy.  Mandino’s scroll VI (part of our course) reveals how to master our emotions which links nicely to this effort.

Thoughts Infused With Love

Can you even imagine the energy we waste daily defending our point of view (ego) – how about 90%?  And the blocks we set up with fear to limit our progress?  The same applies when we resist our present situation.  Struggling against the universal mind has only one outcome. Defeat and failure.

The opposite is true when we tap in to the power within and cooperate with universal laws – we become unstoppable!  It’s because we have so much more energy to use on achieving our definite main purpose.  I find it invigorating, empowering and rewarding. I bet you will too!

I realize this post just scratched the surface of mastering the Law of Least Effort.  So you may want to jump on the wait list for the next Master Key Experience course starting in September and get the full scoop on how achieve your greatest desires in life. With certified guides to help you
along your journey.

’til next time…
– Dennis

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  • Dennis this one I have to come back to and read again because it’s chock full of great stuff. I love the “Outcome is the outcome” comment . You did a nice job on the Law of Least Effort/Resistance too, especially as you relate it to the harmonious observance of natural laws. Awesome! And that zooming out optin form really caught my attention!

  • Hi Terry – always love to see your comments because it’s obvious you pay attention! Thank you for following my adventures and I’ll bet we are about to embark on a new one next week. I’ll get over to your blog on the weekend to catch up on my reading. Talk to you soon…

  • You did an excellent job of putting things all together with the Law of Least Effort. As usual, your writing keeps the reader engaged. Fantastic post. I wish you well in your journey.

  • Thank you Eleanor! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. It kept me engaged to write it too! Had to stay focused – sometimes a challenge for me. Persistence rules… Stay in touch.

  • Glad you found it inspiring Izanna! Thank you for reading this post and commenting. Great to see you here…

  • Wow Dennis! Great content. I love the pop out for the 7day mental diet. Very clever post. My attention was pulled in interest through the whole post.

  • Hey thanks Deanna! Appreciate you visiting my website today. Glad to hear this post captured your interest. Drop by anytime. Cheers!

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