MKE Week 17HJ – Voyage into the Unknown: The Hero’s Journey


Time Capsule: I'm an ongoing student of the universe, adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan... and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'.

The MKMM Alliance has vowed to introduce the secret behind the “force” to those who answer the call to embark on the Hero’s Journey to create a life of purpose and follow their heart.  Think it sounds like pie in the sky?  Think again… it’s not!

Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal

Many thousands to trek with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance by 2018. Worthy ideal don’t ya think?

My experience so far – and this class is in week 18 of 26 – has been one of awe and wonderment as we dove into the deep end of the wisdom pool and began to follow in the footsteps of undisputed masters in the field of self-discovery.  

These include Charles Haanel, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino, Joseph Campbell, and the course’s full throttle leader Mark J , his fabulous admin team and all the trusted guides who support us with one-on-one coaching.

The Master Key Experience is not the usual wussified course planned to please everyone.  It’s a challenging one-of-a-kind self-discovery journey for 6 months and intended to help us build self-confidence, uncover our true purpose and answer the call to embark on our own Hero’s Journey.

Not for the faint of heart tho’…

My experience has been emotionally exhausting at times but always enlightening.  Hard mental work at times but always rewarding at the end of the day. 

Worth the work.

The Guy in the Glass told me I needed to take a break and lighten up a little. I always listen to his sage advice.  So this post is my way of lightening up and in doing so it may shine some light your way too.

A Legend in Your Own Mind

Fellow Alliance Adventurers: If you have answered the call and are preparing to embark on your Hero’s Journey to BE-come who you were intended to BE.. become a legend in your own mind ‘cuz it all starts there. Imagine that!

Remember – When you enter the Abyss raise your shield high.  Slay each dragon as soon as it appears and battle on with courage – avoiding the curse of conformity.  Fear not the death of your old self for it allows for the birth of your future true self.

If I’m gonna be free I’ve gotta be me.”

bill gove

Remember – Be brave. Battling fear, doubt and worry is hard work! Persistence rules! Let go of the limiting beliefs holding you back.  And when your horse dies… dismount!  Throw your leg over a wild mustang, ride like the wind and enjoy every present moment as if there’s no tomorrow.  Find the elixir and success is yours.

Above all else – if you fall prey to the monkey trap, remember the wise words of a true Jedi, Mark J. (Paraphrased) To let go of your past you have to take your hand off your banana, have the balls to think outside the bottle, and build a stealth strategy to follow your heart. 

Give yourself permission to be happy!  Answer the call. Unfold to become a legend in your own mind.

You’re gonna love this teaser for next week’s post I created for you.
Turn up your speaker volume and hit the play button to enjoy this short (1 minute) video. I think you’ll recognize the theme…

Leverage your strength with the power of the Mastermind Alliance – and become a force within yourself. Let your light shine in servitude to others and be true to yourself.

Make it a great week in your galaxy!

’til next time…
– Dennis

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  • Great, fun, post! Glad you listened to the Guy in the Glass and lightened up! Great looking blog! You inspire me!

  • Hi Eleanor – yah – isn’t it amazing how many folks still trying to ride a dead horse? Thank you for reading and commenting! Cheers…

  • Thanks Lisa! Love it when others enjoy my posts… Thank you for visiting my website and commenting today. Make it a fantastic week!

  • Hey Dennis, superb post. I thought I had already commented but can’t see evidence of that. You are definitely charging forward with the shield held high. May the journey be to bliss and beyond. Peace.

  • Well Terry, not sure what’s beyond bliss – must be another mountain to climb eh? Learning to wield the shield at all times… ever vigilant. Thanks for spending some time here today!

  • Mr. Spencer… thanks for the WOW!lol. Always love it when I have been able to shine a little light. I appreciate you, Bruce!

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