Master Key Week 10 – Persistence: How to Build Self Confidence


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[blank_space height=’.5em’]Build self confidence starting today.  Do it now!

Haanel’s comment – knowledge will not apply itself – seemed like a brief glimpse of the obvious at first glance.  But then nothing’s ever only black and white is it?  See the quote further down the page.

This week I experienced a couple of colourful lightbulb moments to share with you…

After several readings of Lesson # 10 from Haanel and Scroll III from Mandino, my mind wandered back a couple of years deep into my old blueprint. (any more than 2 is a always a couple in my mind)

In my offline years I was often in the position of having to hire and fire people living in the job jungle. Early in my formative career years, one of my mentors helped etch a principle onto my forehead so I’d never forget it:

Hire for personality not skills

I soon learned – you can easily train new skills for any job – it’s almost impossible to change personalities regardless of how skilled or talented the applicant may be.

The principle is truth – I hired dozens of men and women over the years and only had to fire 2 or 3.  I always hired for personality and built amazing teams.

What’s the relevance of this to my studies this week?

My “Blueprint Builder” from Napoleon Hill reinforces repetitive readings (out loud) of an exercise on building self-confidence – a key factor in the MKMMA process. 

Creating my new life means punting  my old blueprint out the door and building a new one to live my life by my design.  Drafting a new blueprint takes courage, persistence and a commitment to build self confidence. 

The key to make this happen quicker is understanding…

You can build self confidence as a new skill – it’s not a personality trait!

 Light Bulb MomentAny house mouse or wall flower or tom cat can become self confident with consistent practice…  even me – I can become a star in my own movie! 

You can too! No more excuses for either of us, right? 

Persistence is the answer…

Build Self Confidence

Build Self Confidence – Cultivate the Skill

Constant repetition of correct activity will build the skill of self-confidence and forms the habit of being consistently confident. Once it’s habit – it’s automatic. Compounded over time the results are amazing!  And that’s exactly what we are doing in the MKMMA Experience this year.

Linking colours, shapes and affirmations to goals and changes as we create our new blueprint. Rinse and repeat daily several times.

I think you’re gonna love this fantastic video I found for you this week. It verifies the truths we have been learning with MKMMA and shows you how to apply them.

This video is a worthy watch (under 15 minutes) and I found it extremely inspiring.

“As the Athletic Director and head coach of the Varsity Soccer team at Ryerson University, Dr. Joseph is often asked what skills he is searching for as a recruiter: is it speed? Strength? Agility? In Dr. Joseph’s TEDx Talk, he explores self confidence and how it is not just the most important skill in athletics,
but in our lives.”

Dr. Joseph demonstrates how Self-Confidence is a SKILL and how to cultivate it.

Watch the video now:

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Great video eh?

I love the part where he starts discussing ‘self-talk’ (4:33 on the video) because
my comments last week included affirmations.

Have a wild weekend – take some risks and ponder over Haanel’s comment:

[pullquote align=”normal”]“Knowledge will not apply itself. You must make the application. Abundance will not come to you out of the sky, neither will it drop into your lap, but a conscious realization of the law of attraction and the intention to bring it into operation for a certain, definite purpose, and the will to carry out the this purpose will bring about the materialization of your desire by a natural law of transference…” [/pullquote]

Enjoy every present moment.

’til next time…

Dennis Goff[blank_space height=’5em’] PS:  What did you like most about the video?
Don’t be shy… leave your comments below!

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