Master Key Week 11 – Return of the Mind Monsters


Time Capsule: I'm an ongoing student of the universe, adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan... and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'.

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Mind Monsters… bah humbug! 

For the past 10 weeks I’ve added a constant stream of musings about my Master Key Experience.
If you’ve been following my adventures from the beginning of this course, you’ve witnessed the emotional roller coaster ride up close and personal.

Mind Monsters
Gatekeeper: Battling Mind Monsters

I believed I was the brave White Knight – fully armoured and charging forward with a mighty purpose on a quest to discover my future self, fully protected from the monsters of my mind. Can you even imagine my shock hitting a brick wall at full speed on my trusty steed this week?

I bounced off the wall – landed hard on my butt – sat there dazed for a few moments and wondered what had happened!  Whoa! Where’d that wall come from?  It wasn’t there yesterday!

Time stood still for 3 full days as I struggled to restore confidence, remount and ride off again.  Inspiration and motivation were alarmingly elusive.

My progress in the intensive mind-altering MKMMA course had even impressed the guy in the mirror! And that was no easy feat! I mean, who else do you know sets out to retrain their brain by chipping away the concrete barriers from years of non-productive programming?

Mind Monsters Reframe Reality

This week I felt more like Don Quixote tilting at windmills than the powerful White Knight! My vision was blurred from hitting the wall at full speed and the monsters around every corner seemed way too real to suit me.  I knew I had to get back to reality if I was going to survive this adventure… or would I?

Time for another heart-to-heart with the guy in the mirror…

Slay the Dragons to Get to the Treasure

He always cuts to the chase: “C’mon, Dennis – get with the program!  You’re not fighting the foul forces of evil here, it’s simply your old blueprint trying to drag you back into the wicked vortex of worry, doubt, fear and limited possibility.
And it’s all a crock!  You have unlimited possibilities, fear is false, damn the doubt and stop worrying!

Get back on your trusty steed ‘cuz you’ve still got a few more dragons to slay before this journey’s over. You made the commitment and you always keep your promises.”

Frickin’ guy in the mirror is SO demanding! But I do love him so I listen intently when he talks to me.  I got this one…

Persistence: Worth it’s Weight in Gold

Fortunately I have been working diligently on mastering the skill of persistence with the tools from MKMMA sessions. Can’t honestly call it mastery yet, but it’s a fine work in progress.  Habits work!

[tweet_dis_img]Persistence - Worth its Weight in Gold[/tweet_dis_img]

Now I’m back in the groove – recovered from hitting the wall and punted the mind monsters in a lengthy but successful battle. Plugged back in to my recorded affirmations and read
Scroll III again to kickstart my day at 6 AM.

My new blueprint is being creatively crafted to build the future I want to experience and setbacks like this week may occasionally surface. And when they do, the habits I’ve been forming (and becoming their slave) pay off big time!

Make it a great week in your neighbourhood and remember the mind monsters are only imagined stories the gatekeeper forgot to filter.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

How about you? What monsters did you battle this week?  Did you win?

I welcome your comments.

’til next time…

Dennis Goff[blank_space height=’5em’] PS:  If you want help combating your mind monsters – get on the wait list now!

  • Dennis, You are an amazing writer. Your words project the situation and lure me into your journey. Thank you for writing this because I know lots of other had the same feelings but didn’t know how to express it. There are hills and valleys, being humble on the path can be challenging.

  • Congratulations for getting back on your horse and keeping your gate keeper on track. No easy task. I can totally relate. But the end prize will be worth all the effort. We just have a few years of cement to remove. I believe in us. Keep up the great work and love your photos. Soooooo accurate about the journey. Barbara

  • Thanks Julia! Like this website – I’m a work in progress and every improvement to self and site is compounding for me. You’re right – every time we reach a plateau we can see another peak on the horizon, waiting for us to keep climbing.

  • Hi Barbara, Thanks for your ongoing engagement and encouragement! Glad a few of my musings have resonated with you. I believe in us too – it’s the best place to start. I can be what I will to be…

  • Thank you Eileen… nice to see you here for a visit. I was told – if you can talk – you can write. So I did. And for a conversational blog I tell it like it is. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Wow! What a blog! I have learned a lot, you held up the mirror to me and showed me that it can be another way, recovery IS possible. Thank you.

  • Terez – thoughtful of you to visit and comment – thank you! Today I begin a new life mantra keeps me motivated. New scripts less concrete.

  • Great post and awesome website Dennis. This experience is at times baffling and then exhilarating.

  • Terry – yes both in rapid succession sometimes! Thank you for visiting today! Glad you enjoyed the post…

  • Yes, I have been battling monsters as well, 1step forward 2 steps back , also battling the flu…easy to regress when I feel awful and sorry for myself, but that is not going to help me at all, so persist on moving through scroll III and ignore the sting of the lance, great blog I really love how you have set it up.

  • Thank you Roz! I love scroll lll as well and the repetitive reading has been a big help to me. Put the boots to the flu and stay well for the holiday season!

  • Hey Dennis, great blog. Love the way you explain your experiences with MKMMA and referring to your old blueprint as your monster. I must say that my monster is myself and I am gradually slaying him away and replacing me with my new me. The MKMMA is awesome very grateful to be here.

  • Loucas – thank you for reading and commenting on this post. Yes – I too am grateful for the chance to revolutionize my life with MKMMA.

  • Hi Jane – I appreciate you! Thanks for visiting today. Glad you found it inspiring. I’d love to read your blog posts too – but you didn’t leave a link to your MKMMA blog!

  • Dennis, I thoroughly enjoy reading your insightful blogs and am learning from your experienced and engaging blog setup. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Patti – Thank you! It’s always great to hear others appreciate our expressions. Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed the blog. Best of the Holiday Season to you and yours. Cheers!

  • Knights who persist, knowing how and why, win battles and make ‘trying’ safer for those who timidly watch from the edges of the battlefield. Rise up Sir Dennis, Knight of the Universal Mind, Slayer of Dragons and Protector of Dreams. Your Mission calls you forward.

  • hahaha – and aha – thanks Phil! Good one… thanks for your worthy additions to this post. Appreciate you Phil!

  • Thank you Eleanor! Luck? lol! I’m thinking my way thru this one, literally! The dragons are a bi-product of a great imagination – or so I’ve been told.

  • haha – right you are Loren! The gatekeeper vows no shenanigans on his watch! Thanks for visiting my website…

  • Dennis…your blog is so amazing..besides how well written. It looks amazing! Did you do that or did someone do it for you. Mine now that its hosted looks terrible. I did not realize i needed to do all the work to make it look better…lol

  • Thanks for the compliment, Kate, And for reading this post and commenting. I create my own sites and do my own writing. WordPress is an easy platform to use and with a few skills you can create whatever look and functionality you choose. If I can be of any help with your blog, let me know. I’m always happy help fellow MKMMAers in any way I can. Drop back any time…

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