Reinventing Retirement with a Pinnacle Career


Time Capsule: I'm an ongoing student of the universe, adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan... and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'.

In reinventing retirement I have found the Master Key Experience exhilarating, enlightening and somewhat enchanting.  So… I became a lifetime member to keep the adventures going.  Still exploring the possibilities to develop a pinnacle career.

The answer is sort of simple on the surface but the more I embrace and apply the new knowledge, skills and insights I glean from this course – the deeper down the rabbit hole I want to burrow. And I have learned to trust my intuition so I leap forward into uncertainty with confidence.

It all started long ago and far away…

I met Gary Scott in 2006 at a self-publishing seminar in Cotacachi Ecuador, a small town in the Ecuadorian Highlands.  Gary writes a global daily newsletter on “Stimulating ideas and useful resources to help you live a healthier, more affluent and fulfilling life.”  And any conversations you are fortunate to have with Gary leave you thinking for days (even weeks) about his words of wisdom and how they impact your life. Instant tie in to my Master Key Experience as I plan my next year.

Since that first South American adventure – Nicki and I have visited Gary and Merri at their farm in North Carolina and at their home in Mount Dora, Florida. We treasure their friendship. They live every day full out on an intriguing scale, following their passion and inspiring others to do the same.

Gary’s latest book co-authored with Robert Gandt, Mastery: A Mission Plan for Reclaiming a Life of Purpose, Fitness, and Achievement outlines a baby boomer’s mission to enjoy retirement.  The book is a brilliant blueprint for a successful retirement for any age tho’. I love this book and read and re-read chapters of it often to retain perspective.

But wait a minute, Dennis… what’s any of this have to do with your Master Key Experience course this week or Gary Scott? 

The Relevance to Reinventing Retirement

In my previous post I shared musings about replacing the habit of procrastination with one of enthusiasm by falling in love with and idea and getting passionate with the plan of action to fulfil goals or manifest my intentions.  My intention is to develop a pinnacle career online that is more on purpose than my previous business life – hence the retirement connection.

My conversations with Gary about reinventing retirement were animated with his comments like “ Why do you want to retire if you’re not tired in the first place?”  I noticed recently it’s a common thread in a few of his posts.

Read this short excerpt from Gary’s post…

“Generally we are tired because we are working too much at something that does not sufficiently fulfill rather than having fun, doing what we love AND earning in the process. This site focuses on ways to create micro businesses that earn but more importantly are gratifying, fun and serving the mission you feel needs to be filled.

This is the first time in recorded history when the value of life’s experience at retirement age is more valuable than the cost of obtaining it. Our best, most profitable, most enjoyable and helpful career should be after age 50, 60 or even 70.

There are numerous economic scenarios that could ruin retirement for many. Inflation, a falling greenback, another market crash or recession. Any of these could doom traditional retirement plans. The timing of these events are beyond our control…”

Gary Scott

What Does All This Mean?

So connecting the dots for me is simply this:  From Haanel we learn how to use correct thinking (cause) to experience the results we want (effects) and Mandino’s scrolls offer us the principles to make THE difference in our live’s and those around us. 

In the Master Key Experience – Mark and Davene meticulously weave in numerous “child-like” exercises to “trick” the sub-conscious and the constant repetition of all these components create a compound progression to help manifest the change or shift we want with our Definite Main Purpose. 

Elements of another component are also creeping in to my subconscious mind as a result of my new habit of studying The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra on a daily basis. Easy to do with my trusty ipod nano from yesteryear. 

My success is in the constant application of all these new activities coupled with a well-organized plan of action to fulfil my Definite Main Purpose – which is a work in progress on my way to mastering new skills for my new blueprint in life.

So reinventing retirement remains my focus for 2017 and beyond. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place perfectly.

… ’til next time,

Enjoy every present moment!
– Dennis

 PS:  What new skills are you working on to achieve YOUR success this week?
Leave a comment below…


Time Capsule: I'm an ongoing student of the universe, adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan... and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'.

  • fantastic focus, ‘reinventing retirement’ 🙂
    I for one have said since my teens that I actually did not believe in ‘being retired’, for one thing because ‘the system’ would not exist anymore, and more important: I want to do what I like to do with the passion that I have, and earn my living with that, until I drop dead. 😀
    Personally I just got involved in a completely new ‘plan’ regarding money, very promising and took me a lot of inner work to ‘get there’ in the first place, and it’s still a bit too soon to talk big about it, but stay tuned….. 🙂
    And other than that, applying all the skills and stuff I learned ‘yesteryear’ 🙂 even deeper, even more to the core. Huge shifts have appeared already….. Soooooo that ‘retirement’ of mine: will be the complete retirement of Ol’Bluey, he can rest in peace somewhere in another galaxy sooner than later 🙂

  • Great insight and connecting the dots….
    Thank you for sharing this ! I get I need to have more intention around the exercises…


  • Hi Deborah – You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for your comments… Cheers!

  • hahaha – loved your comments, Dominica! Looking forward to hearing about your new “plan” as you progress. Thank you for reading my posts and hope to see you in Kauai again in the summer.

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