MKE Week 18 – Purpose, Passion and Persistence are the Keys to Success


Time Capsule: I'm an ongoing student of the universe, adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan... and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'.

Wow!  What a ride it’s been!

Purpose, Passion and Persistence are the key ingredients for me in uncovering and applying the knowledge necessary to enjoy this chapter of my life on my terms.  MKMMA is guiding my journey to discover purpose, develop passion and add vitality to thoughts with persistence to achieve what I want to experience for this chapter of my life.

The opening quote above resonates with me because every day is a new adventure and I have no plans to slow down until I skid into home plate broadside in a cloud of smoke with no regrets.

And it will have been one hell of a ride! Like zip lining in Costa Rica a couple of years ago with Nicki. And what a blast that was!

Zip lining in Costa Rica

The past couple of weeks of my Master Key Experiences have been more introspective than reflective. Questions from my past (old blueprint) have surfaced as I create a new blueprint for my future self or who I want to be when I grow up.

And that’s not as flip as it may first appear at glance.

The natural progression of all life it to unfold to its full potential – what it was intended to BE. Whether that’s a red rose, a horse or newborn babe – it’s all the same.  So, as my consciousness expands to understand the universal laws and I apply the knowledge, the path to my full potential
is a roadmap with a predictable outcome.

But only if I stick to the road and obey the law.  Huh?

Use your head, Dennis!  It’s all in your mind!  Apply the knowledge!

Archibald McLeash puts it in plain english for us:

The only thing about a man that is a man . . . is his mind. Everything else you can find in a pig or a horse.

This week Haanel once again drives home the predictability of the universal laws  – as he always does in his complex manner.

Haanel 18:8

“Every living thing must be sustained by this omnipotent Intelligence, and we find the difference in individual lives to be largely measured by the degree of this intelligence, which they manifest. It is greater intelligence that places the animal in a higher scale of being than the plant, the man higher than the animal, and we find that this increased intelligence is again indicated by the power of the individual to control modes of action and thus to consciously adjust himself to his environment…”

He goes on to say…

“It is this adjustment that occupies the attention of the greatest minds, and this adjustment consists in nothing else than the recognition of an existing order in the universal mind, for it is well known that this mind will obey us precisely in proportion as we first obey it.

And therein lies the key to it all!

It verifies for me: If I develop the habit of persistence and precisely follow the laws of the universe, I can predict the precise result every time! BTW so can you…

So why am I not seeing the changes I want to see in my life?  

Could it be I haven’t been following the laws with focused, accurate thoughts. Hmmmm… why not?  That is the question I have been asking myself for weeks now… and the answers have been elusive!  Until…

Mark J’s last webinar when he posed this question:

“What are you pretending NOT to know?”

Wow – a dooser of a question eh!  And I confess – I’m still probing the guy in the glass for the answer. Introspective…

Answer the Tough Questions to Reveal your Purpose

In my post for week 17 – Ignite Change: Set Your Frequency for Success  I quoted this pertinent wisdom:

The true objective of the Master Key Experience is to guide guys and gals like you and me on a path of self-discovery to identify what we want our life to be. To be a self-directed thinker understanding how to think and not telling us how to think.

Big difference from the self help “goo roos” who bombard us with the “secret” to success telling us how to think.

I have come to realize, albeit slowly,  there’s a few key questions I have to answer before I can grow past my present state. I’ll share them with you ‘cuz you may find them helpful too.  The two big ones for me came at me in the past two weeks:

  1. What am I pretending not to know?
  2. What would the person I intend to be come do next?

I’ll come back to those two in a minute…

The real life qualifier for all of us was posed by the Fabulous Davene early in this course.

If money were not an object – how would you spend your time?

The answer to this one question reveals our purpose on this planet at any given time.  I found this short video for you this week.  The late Alan Watts was a thought powerhouse and controversial teacher. He offered his students so many nuggets of gold during his lifetime.

I resonate with this clip from one his many profound speeches and I think you may love too.  It’s only 3 minutes. Watch it now:

What d’ya think?  Gives you some serious nutrition for thought eh? I’ll be working on clarifying my answer this week. How about you? Got it nailed yet?

Back the the timely question of the week for me was:

What would the person I intend to become do next?

The provocation of thought inspired by a simple question reveal answers to accelerate or augment any ideal in play at any given moment.  I’ll be asking myself that question every time procrastination raises it’s ugly head.

The question is the answer for my hero’s journey and yours too if you embark on the journey. It is for all of us because we are nature’s greatest miracle and not here to “shrink into a grain of sand” according to Mandino but to “grow into a mountain” as we learned in Scroll IV.

My musings this week were sparked by the quotes above and I hope in some small way they ignite a flame to lighten up your day,  give you cause to smile more, frown less and enjoy each present moment.  Find your purpose and follow it with passion and persistence.

’til next time…

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  • What an awesome post. For the last 1.5 years of retirement, I have been asked this question upon waking up by Spirit. “If money were no object, what would I like to do? No boundaries, no limits, keep expanding your dream Barbara.”

    So every morning, I entertain / visualize/ feel this question into being.

    It is getting clearer and bigger. I continue to expand it without limits to abilities or knowledge of how to get there. As I pay attention to what excites me to do in the day, I have noticed that BEES always pull me forward, out of any funk and get me excited. So I know that direction is part of my purpose.

    Then I went to see an astrologer from BC – Karedwyn Joy Bird and she confirmed all that I was dreaming about. Keep digging… will show up in divine right timing. What a powerful post.
    Thank you.

  • You’re welcome Barbara – wow, thanks for adding value to this post with your comments! Yah – tough question… still digging. Clarity is the key to BE the person I was intended to be. Progress is being made daily, thanks to MKMMA and folks like you who continually inspire me to be my best. Thank you!

  • Dennis, I agree our self discovery continues daily. I love that quote you began your blog with and sliding in home plate being “all in” sounds like best alternative and MKMMA is providing the momentum. I enjoy your musings they make me pause to think…

    Thank you. To your continued growth. Patti

  • Hi Patti – thank you for reading the post and adding value with your comments. I appreciate you! Know what? They make me think when I read them over a day or two after I have posted the article. Hmmm. lol.

  • Well Dennis – I am still asking myself those same questions. Hearing the answer that is the key, isn’t it?
    Great blog. Mahalo

  • Thanks for sharing your adventure. I am experiencing the same adventure with My Master Key Experience. Isn’t it great really finding out what your true purpose in life is and how easy it is becoming to make it come true and grow as we create our new world without? Mahalo Dennis!

  • You’re welcome, Robert. Yes, it great to work on finding out my purpose – not that easy tho’ to make it happen. Hard work! Most things of value are hard work eh? But worth it too. Thanks for your comments!

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