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For Release: September 9,2019 | Robert Gandt

Robert Gandt Interviews Dennis and Nicki Goff

I must admit the short 25-minute flight from the downtown harbour in Vancouver to Comox in the small float plane was an adventure in itself.

I had piloted Beavers similar to this one many times  so it was a treat to be
a passenger on this picturesque flight.

I eased back in my seat as the powerful, noisy 7 passenger seaplane roared down False Creek, skimmed across the incoming tide, then quickly lifted off and headed north int the brilliance of the noonday sun.

I caught a glimpse of the spectacular big city skyline as it fell away behind us and we rose quickly to our cruising altitude.  The stunning coastal beauty greeted me in an endless panorama of ocean waves broken by the craggy shores of tree-covered islands. Once again I marvelled at this breathtaking Canadian paradise and reflected on the purpose of my trip.

Gary Scott, the co-author of my book, Mastery,  and a good friend of Dennis & Nicki intrigued me last week with his animated story of an exciting couple on Vancouver Island who refused to accept retirement as an option. He related how Dennis and Nicki had attended several of his seminars in Ecuador and North Carolina on self-publishing and international exporting. 

More Adventures – Dennis & Nicki

These two love life and always seemed to be off on another exciting adventure every few months.

And Gary was impressed with how they kept their keen edge as entrepreneurs by learning new internet skills and executing brilliant marketing plans to create additional income streams.

What impressed me though was – rather than riding a golf cart off into the sunset like so many others approaching retirement years – they inspired thousands of baby boomers to live a healthier, richer lifestyle in complete balance with nature and to shift from ego to meaning.

On this trip, my mission was to interview this exceptional couple for a chapter in my new book. 

I was looking forward to several fun-filled days hanging around the Comox Valley, an area fast becoming Canada’s #1 retirement haven for baby boomers.  I wanted to see it again for myself and the chance to interview Dennis & Nicki was an added bonus. And just maybe we could get in a hike at Mount Washington.  I hear the alpine meadows are beautiful this time of year.

The Beaver’s gradual approach to the Comox harbour greeted me with a stunning vista of the Beaufort range and the Comox glacier.  The shimmering blue waters of the bay were dotted with white sails ballooning in the brisk breeze of the hot west coast afternoon…

We skimmed over the water at what seemed to be only a couple of inches for a few seconds, then the floats gently kissed the sea and we powered up and taxied to the dock. 

Comox Harbour – Vancouver Island – British Columbia – Canada

I hadn’t met Dennis before but assumed the tall, tanned guy with a big smile on his face striding confidently down the dock was there to meet me.  And I was right.  Gary’s description of a well dressed, physically fit gentleman with an infectious grin was right on the money.

“Welcome to the Comox Valley, Robert,” Dennis greeted warmly. “Gary called last night and reminded me to tell you to lighten up if you get too focused on your work.”

I chuckled and returned with: “Sounds great to me!”

“Nicki’s got a light lunch waiting. Our place is only a few minutes away. Perfect timing” added Dennis.

The Comox Marina was buzzing with activity as we climbed into an FX 35 Infiniti with a glistening metallic finish in a colour I’d never seen before – so had to ask. “Umbria Twilight… Unique eh?” Dennis beamed with another grin.

Leaving the marina we snaked up a few short well-treed streets and cruised up a winding road before looping back towards the ocean.  As we rounded a sharp corner the view on our right exploded in colour with a breathtaking scene of the harbour several hundred feet below and the mountains and glacier in the background.  Wow!  Beyond postcards!

To our left 50 feet, higher up was a dramatic contemporary style home complimented by colourful gardens vibrating with bold reds and golds.  The native shrubs, lush green cedars and tall majestic fir trees blended the house into the forest.  An absolute visual feast!

I’m more curious than ever to hear the secret to the success this couple were enjoying.

Dennis & Nicki’s New Home – September 9, 2019

Stop Building Someone Else’s Dream!

Anxious to get started, I opened with, “Gary tells me Peak Boomers was originally started as a website to market affiliate products to baby boomers approaching retirement but it seems to have taken on a life of it’s own to become quite a rock star online now.

He also mentioned it was a spontaneous idea you and Nicki brainstormed to meet the some of the challenges you had faced after escaping from the corporate jungle in 2008. What prompted you go online instead of just getting another job?”

“What, you mean and continue building someone else’s dream? Not in this lifetime, Robert. I’d done exactly that for almost 40 years – slow learner eh?” chuckled Dennis. “The lifestyle of an avid adventurer is the only sure path to follow to secure your family’s financial future.”

He continued, “After I ‘retired’ the housing market spiraled downward and investment portfolios evaporated almost overnight.  Not only for us but millions of baby boomers ready to enjoy their version of retirement only to find the carpet pulled out from beneath them.”

I added, “Yeah – many of my friends were trapped in the same boat, without a paddle too. So I get what you mean.”

Nicki chipped in with her calm contribution, “Many of the people we met online were desperately trying to cut thru the smoke and mirrors of the internet ‘goo-roos’ with little success.  Most so-called leaders were flogging their marketing platforms or ‘systems’ to addict you to their sure-fire success info products. They really wanted you to be ‘system dependent’ rather than independent.”

“Scammers – the whole lot!” Dennis exclaimed. “Took us a couple of years to wade thru the crap to find what worked and what didn’t.  Most of it didn’t.  Learned some extremely expensive lessons in the process!” 

“What was the turning point for you?” I prompted, now more curious than ever.

Turning Point: Method to the Madness

“Once we distilled the GOOD from the bad and the downright ugly – we eventually discovered how to fire on all cylinders so we could serve our target audience the best. Get creative with high-value content to attract lifelong customers and build a loyal interactive community.” Dennis stated.

“Is there a method to your madness?” I couldn’t resist.  I’d heard his theme song was, “Still Crazy After All These Years.” And I loved Paul Simon too!

“I guess being a couple of years ahead of the baby boomers in jumping off the precipice into retirement gave us an edge.  We knew what they were going to face before they did and could offer some potentially great solutions so their balancing act was less critical.

For many boomers, retirement is a dramatic shock and to continue to live a balanced lifestyle you require three critical components: Structure, Purpose, and Community.  When you retire, you leave behind the structure of going to work at specific times in your job or business.  Frequently your community has been fellow employees or business partners so may lose that too.  Purpose or meaning in this chapter of your life may be elusive or totally absent.”

“I can see it’s easy to become a rudderless ship in retirement,” I agreed quickly.  I’d seen it many times.

Dennis responded with this critical key“Balance in your life is like a tripod with a camera on it.  If one of the legs is compromised – it’s out of balance and the pictures will be wonky. If two legs are compromised it falls over… camera bites the dust! In retirement we require balance to maintain a healthy lifestyle so all three components are essential.”

He added, “Here’s what I mean…

It Must be the Troll Dust!

In your book Mastery, you and Gary advocate a mission plan in retirement to pursue new interests you didn’t have time to explore previously, or you may want to start a business or a pinnacle career.  Any of these will add structure and purpose. Often it includes a community you already belong to, like family and friends or a community in your neighbourhood.”

Pausing and looking right at me he finished with: “Your book helped inspire me to get to work so I could help others find more balance in retirement with Peak Boomers.” 

“I’m glad you found it helpful,” I beamed.  “Gary and I had fun writing it. You seem so passionate about your Peak Boomers community.  What was the the spark that ignited your intense passion?”

Nicki smiled and with a knowing grin added, “Ahhh… you want the secret sauce eh, Robert? I thought someone had sprinkled troll dust on Dennis because in September 2015 he started focusing on ‘getting stuff done’, wandering around the house reading ancient scrolls and old books out loud and muttering something about chipping concrete off to reveal his golden body,” She laughed, “but I’ll let him tell you what happened.”

Dennis gave Nicki an enthusiastic high five,  paused and took in a deep breath…

“For the past few years, I’d felt an emptiness inside – like something was missing.  So I started searching for some new meaning in my life and I must say – it’s was very elusive. Churned through several books looking for answers.

Nicki and I had already roughed out a business plan for Peak Boomers but I’d been procrastinating about getting down to work on it. I lacked the enthusiasm and focus to get started.  Then, suddenly everything started slowly to come in to focus…

The same week I started reading your book, I watched an intriguing video of a wildly enthusiastic guy, standing on a rocky shore in Kauai, waves pounding in the background and splashing the camera lens as he talked.  I loved the raw energy and unbridled emotion he projected.  My kind of guy – so I had to find out more.

Action Inspired by Rogue Waves and Mark J.

Mark & Davene Januszewski Kauai

I quickly found out this gentleman was Mark Januszewski and along with his wife Davene, he offered a limited number of scholarships for The Master Key Master Mind Alliance – (MKMMA).  It was a six-month course tapping into the hidden power within us to change our outside world. And they included one on one coaching from certified guides.  That clinched if for me.

I applied and was accepted!

This Master Key Master Mind Alliance adventure was way outside my comfort zone. My background as a business professional was team building and small business development in the corporate jungle for over 30 years. And I was very comfortable in that arena. Not so much with the world within – where the real power lies. 

So I made the 6-month commitment and studied like a dawg every day, diligently. I became more confident, more focused than ever before and added structure and purpose to every day. I was on a mission of serious self-discovery to unleash the power to achieve my goals. And it excited me!

I exuded excitement – grateful to achieve my physical fitness goals before July 30. 2016 and my income goals before December 15, 2016.  We celebrated my success like a couple of teenagers for both milestones.

One of the key ingredients was this…

Follow your compass!
Let your heart lead.
Find your True North…

Not only did MKMMA empower me to uncover the passion to pursue my purpose to help myself AND thousands of other baby boomers – it also set the stage for a joint venture with Mark to offer his course to my Peak Boomer audience.

This proved to be an accelerator for his course and helped MKMMA skyrocket its scholarships to 15,000 members so he achieved his goals too!”

As Dennis paused, I replied, “Wow – that was certainly a win-win for both of you to celebrate! I had no idea you two had collaborated
on serving so many people!” 

“Thanks so much Robert!  As an author of many books you know the feeling of fulfillment and gratitude is the ultimate emotional high.” Dennis humbly responded and I could read the gratitude in his eyes.

“So how did attract your customers and why did so many become members of Peak Boomer’s online community?” I asked.

“Robert, here’s the premise for a successful online business community.  People come for the content and stay for the community.  So if you add value to their lives with top-notch services and top quality products, they’ll buy from you.  When you encourage them to become a member and engage with others in your community, magic happens.

They have found a safe haven for an online home and a like-minded community to share ideas.  They love it and they stay actively engaged. It might just be the 3rd leg of the tripod for them – community. And they become loyal customers for life because they trust you.”

Still curious, I ask, “But how do you find all these people?” 

Dennis responded confidently with “Well, of course, we used several social media strategies and gained some initial interest with organic search from content we posted on our website.

But by far, the most efficient method to attract an audience hungry for what you offer is to target the search terms they would use when looking for solutions to their problems – pay-per-click advertising.

Hands down the best results are with PPC and one of my business associates is an expert at PPC campaigns so we can really rock that world to get traffic to our offers any time we want.”

I nodded and replied, “…aah good to know.  I’m guessing the paid traffic is more responsive because you’ve filtered out a bunch of the tire-kickers before they even see your offers.”

“Exactly!” exclaimed Nicki, who had been tuned right into every word.

Still the inquisitive interviewer, I wanted to know more.

“From my research, many boomers approaching retirement age are concerned they won’t have the income they want to maintain their current lifestyle… and it scares them.  What do you say to them?”

Peak Boomers Live Vibrantly!

The explanation flowed with confident ease from Dennis:

“When you subscribe to our newsletter, Live Vibrantly, and become a regular visitor to our website, you’re likely to find a service you love and simply buy it.  Over time you’ll receive emails from us that will include several income opportunities and ideas for home businesses.  For example, if you want to set up your own online business as a source of retirement income.

And if you already have a business or product you want to promote – we can set up your website and marketing funnel for you or work with you to teach you how to set it up yourself… your choice. And if you’re already have mastered certain skills to market online… we can show you how to fast track your income.

If you don’t have a product, we can guide you in the right direction to help you find one that resonates with you and help you get started.

If it’s something out of our area of expertise – we’ll point you to trusted associates or affiliate products as alternative suggestions for your business. And the beat goes on…”

“OK, I get the picture better now. I can see why Peak Boomers would make a significant difference in how people experience their retirement. Exciting stuff!” I replied.

“Why don’t we continue this conversation in the morning – I’d like to hear about this magnificent home and your family – if that’s OK with you and Nicki.”

Right on cue, Nicki slid in a quick invitation to dinner:

“Sure great –  In fact we’ve made a reservation at Martine’s for dinner and would love you to be our guest… their healthy seafood dinners are delicious – how does that sound?”

“Perfecto!  Love seafood.” I boldly announced, then slid in one last question before dinner: “I understand you two have been an integral part in the development of Ecuador Project Hope.

Dennis quickly outlined the intent of this project: “Our work with Micky Enright began in 2011 when we met her in Cotacachi.  I created a website for her to help raise funds for the schools she wanted to rebuild in the highland villages.

One Person CAN
Make a Difference!

Micky Enright, Founder of Ecuador Project Hope

Nicki and I also contribute the full-time use of our condo in Cotacachi to Micky to support her bliss of helping others. Her latest project is a soup kitchen to help feed and clothe the older forgotten folks in  Cotacachi.

With a website and accommodation taken care of – 100% of the funds raised to reach the people who need help the most.  And there are zero administration fees taken from the fund donated.

Micky Enright is the ultimate definition of a humanitarian as you’ll see in the video.

Go ahead and watch it now… you’re gonna love it!”

[new link to the video]

I exclaimed: “Zero admin fees is unheard of in most non-profits!  Wow! ”  You guys are amazing!

OK – let’s hit Martines for some fresh Halibut…”

(to be continued)

  • Impressive website, great ideas for Boomers to engage in something meaningful … including MKMMA. I loved the Ecuador Project Hope video . So much need in our world that needs to be addressed.

  • I listened to the song while I read through your Press Release. Looking forward to the next interview.

  • Great song eh? I added the audio version at the end of the page. Thanks for your guidance and your comments, Julia. Might be a while until the next interview tho’

  • Just love the energy of this whole piece! My enthusiastic congrats on the achievements and on the vision of things to come. Just WOW!

  • Wonderful, Dennis! Give me a head’s up before we hit 15,000 members – I’ve got some recruiting and training to do to accommodate them!

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