Plug in to Positive Thinking to Transform Self-Confidence


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Without a doubt my weekly Master Key musings initiated a higher level of positive thinking and sparked exciting new levels of self-confidence for me this year. I was continually catapulted from one peak to the next by the vibrancy and vitality Mark Januszewski, the Fabulous Davene and their guides projected each week as this course unfolded.

Exhilarating and scary at the same time!

Positive Thinking Builds Inner Strength

I had no idea in the beginning that Haanel’s Master Key System was only the basis for the course.  Yes, Haanel’s works are powerful as a stand alone study. However the enhancements to the course (thanks to MKMMA) included studying such brilliant minds as Ralph Waldo Emerson (Essay of The Law of Compensation), Og Mandino with his Secret Scrolls, Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myths series and the Hero’s Journey and the list goes on.  

In addition, video clips from movies and need-to-know life lessons were rolled out constantly throughout the 6 months to validate the science behind the knowledge and continually elevate our belief levels of what’s possible. The Seven Laws of the Mind were especially powerful.

So it wasn’t simply plugging in to a constant current of positive thinking that transformed my self confidence. It was a combination of the many pieces making up this complex puzzle of life. However it did help me purge some of the inherent negativity bias still present in some of my thoughts… enabling me to amplify my new blueprint.

I’m happy to say it’s shaped up exactly as I had visualized and reinforced with my daily affirmations for the past 6 months.  Focus and persistence in placing one piece of the puzzle in the right place at the right time was critical to building my inner strength.

Positive Thinking Creates Powerful Affirmations

My positive thinking created powerful affirmations to impress the new ideas on my subconscious mind until they became habits. Gotta love the automaticity I was experiencing!  I’ll write more about this in a later post…

Looking back at the progression of layered knowledge purposely planned to help us acquire new skills, almost automatically, I am in awe of the trail we blazed to uncover the power within. The awe inspired a intuitive thought or two for me because a fork in the road appeared at the end of the MKMMA course a couple of weeks ago. 

Commencement for the course marked the end the 24 lessons in Haanel’s works but the beginning of a new possibility curve for me. Would I take the well beaten path and be left with the status quo (blue pill)? Or would I take the right path (red pill) and step into the matrix of uncertainty where all opportunity and adventure unfolds and truth resides.

Should I flip a coin? Not likely!

I decided to ask the guy in the glass for his thoughts once again. He simply smiled and reminded me about Scroll V and the reality of this question:

Can sand flow uphill in the hourglass?

Og mandino

I grabbed the red pill, popped it into my mouth and washed it down in a quick gulp… and smiled back!

Go ahead… do it now!

Use Self Confidence to Gain Mastery

The right path for me? Sages throughout the ages suggest everything in the universe is exactly as it should be at any given moment.  A new adventure awaits and my elevated self-confidence beckons me to answer the call from my true self to keep building inner strength and ignore any diffidence rearing it’s ugly head. Positive thinking indeed builds self confidence.

Once again I reflect on knowledge doesn’t apply itself…

And know if I am to gain mastery over the skills I have acquired throughout this course, I must be the student and the teacher, walking as I talk. I love to think of helping others discover how to blaze their own pathways.  Guiding others as I have been guided inspires me!

What’s my new adventure?  I applied to become a Certified Guide with MKMMA and continue with my studies of the mind, following my purpose and enjoying true health and liberty. In the meantime my continuation gives me the opportunity to share my current skills and enjoy working in harmony with the community to raise the awareness of many thousands around the world.

I’ll continue to post new reflections here weekly as my Master Key life expands.  Visit often and leave comments below any time you feel so inclined.

Enjoy every present moment,

  • Wow Dennis you nailed this positive thinking and building self confidence thing. Continuing to share your thoughts and teaching others is something you do well. Indeed you demonstrate much greater self confidence and if such is possible, even more initiative.

  • Hi Terry, thank you! Looking forward to masterminding with you on the next adventure!

  • Yeah, another journey begins! Looking forward to that one too. Having an adventurer like yourself along makes it all that much more interesting.

  • Hi Terry – Exploring the jungles of time and space!lol. Yes -’twill be a fun ride again. Looking forward to see you again. Cheers!

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