MKE Week 23: How to Win Big with a Positive Mental Attitude


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Less than two weeks remain in the structure of the course and I see others winding down from the intense 6 months study. It’s been challenging for me to stay focused on replacing thinking patterns developed for decades and reinforced constantly by the world around me.

I’m happy with my progress and decided to continue studying Haanel, Hill, Mandino, Emerson. (Well… maybe not Emerson).

The best way to cement the changes I have made is to keep working with the progressions we employed to develop skills throughout the course.

And I’ll keep battling the mind monsters I mentioned before…

This is the first of my posts to be influenced by the content from other member’s blog posts but Mark J’s article this week was classic wisdom too important to let slide. He offered a short video by the master of influence, Dr. Napoleon Hill, best known for his book – Think and Grow Rich, which has changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

Hill also wrote the controversial Outwitting the Devil.

Hill and William Clement Stone co-authored: Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.  Stone’s legendary success was credited to his philosophy of positive mental attitude which he viewed as the cornerstone of his success. He believed in the power of optimism and that even in adversity lay seeds of success.

My Top 3 Positive Mental Attitude Keys

After reviewing the 20 key points in Dr. Hill’s short 7 minute video, I knew they were ALL important.  However the top 3 for me were the ones requiring more work daily to play my best game.

 #3 Laughter 

“Hearty Laughing causes a change in chemistry and instantly creates a Positive Mental Attitude.  Start each day with a belly laugh and set myself up for a delightful day of productive activity.” – Hill

I find in the grey wet coast days of winter here in BC it’s easy to occasionally drift into emotional funks. It’s laughable – literally. lol.  Working on it daily!

Belly laughs are good for body and spirit according to Dr. Gulshan Sethi, head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Tucson Medical Center and faculty at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

“Laughter activates the body’s natural relaxation response. It’s like internal jogging, providing a good massage to all internal organs while also toning abdominal muscles,”

#5 Gratitude

“Start each day with an expression of Gratitude for all the adversities, failures and defeats you have experienced  in the past AND search for the seed of an equivalent benefit these have yielded me over the years.  And give thanks for the blessings you expect to receive during the day.” – Hill

This one has been the toughest for me to master this year in light of a few curves life threw at me.  However I “get it” and work hard at remembering Hill’s words to replace the beliefs that haven’t been serving me.

#16 Focus

“Keep your mind eternally engaged in what you desire most – your definite major purpose in life so no time will be left to dwell on what you do not want.” – Hill  

The skills I have learned with the MKMMA experience over the past six months have kept me on track and most of the time my thoughts are trained on my purpose and goals.  Now I’m working on the rest of the time – gets harder to get to 90% but I’m improving daily.

So those three get my full attention to keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

And to help me stay focused with repetition…

I converted the video file to an MP3 and loaded it on my Nano for easy listening each week.

A Positive Mental Attitude Challenge…

Hill was a brilliant man and the principles he outlines here have an absolute value worth millions to anyone bold enough to master them.  You’ve probably seen his most famous quote:

Watch the video now to see how this unfolds for you…

Hope you enjoyed this short post and stay tuned for the next one in a couple of days.  Comment below about the key point which is most important to you…

Napoleon Hill is a legend in success stories and his work have helped millions make dramatic changes in their lives.  His Law of Success course was the start of it all and you can read more about it in this short post. >> Think and Grow Rich [link]

’til then…


  • Nicely done again Dennis. Those three points from Hill you noted encapsulate the essence of what we have been immersed in for the last 6 months for sure. And me too… I’m not about to stop studying Haanel, Hill, Chopra, Mandino and even Emerson either. I take Emerson as a challenge and a test of my ability to accept things as they are, despite my protestations to the contrary.

  • Well Terry, you have a brilliant way of engaging with the material and the members of MKMMA on a daily basis. Let’s stay in touch over the next few weeks as we gear up for a even wilder trek through the jungles of time and space. Yes – I’ll be staying in the study mode too so we’ll have lots to rap about. Cheers…

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