My kid brother…

Vince is 13 years younger than me… so I guess he qualifies for ‘kid’ brother. He has been an active, healthy kid all his life… until he wasn’t – recently. I love his caring nature, kindness and thoughtful way of connecting with everyone.

Today, Vince published a post on Facebook to explain his recent experience around his discovery of a cancerous brain tumour and shared his thoughts.

Brave soul that one eh? I love you, Vince.

I posted his story below to share it with those friends, in-laws and outlaws who do not have access to the FB post today.

Vince’s Story…

Would you go bananas if you heard you had stage 4 brain cancer? I didn’t, but I ate one…

For those of you who don’t know, I will tell my story.

Between mid January 2023 to April, I experienced a few seizures, ending up in the hospital for 5 days 1 time.  Around April 15th, an MRI showed that I needed surgery to remove a stage 4 cancer brain tumor, (glioblastoma) Not a name you want to hear. 

I had a second MRI on a Thursday, Friday my family Dr advised me of what they suspect, Friday night a neurologist I saw in Victoria, called and explaned my brain tumor was growing fast since a previous MRI, that it should be removed ASAP, and that she could arrange with a good surgeon to remove it on Monday for a fighting chance?

The surgeon called me Saturday night to confirm that I knew what i was facing and that I wanted surgery. The choice was an average of 3 months to last without surgery.

Unfortunately, this type of tumor entwines into the rest of the brain, so they can only remove the worst without doing too much damage . It will eventually grow back and give me between 6-24 months with surgery. 

Up to 5% have made it 5 years and even a few to 10, many factors envoled. He said to be in Victoria Sunday to be prepped for Monday surgery.

Enough to make my head spin. 

The Good News

 The good news is they discovered I had a rare gene, MGMT, that will help radiation and chemotherapy treatments gain me an additional year than most people.  I am now doing my 2nd week of radiation and chemo,
5 more weeks to go. 

This event brought me to my knees. Not to live longer, rather make amends with anyone I have done wrong, get my life in order, change my so called bucket list to more important things like family, friends, and living a life that will be pleasing to our Maker. I accept whatever time of life God has granted me and make the best of it. 

I am feeling good physically,  mentally, working on spiritually. I am so thankful and blessed for the support of our family, my siblings, relatives, friends and neighbours!

Within a-day of my diagnosis, all our children and grandchildren were home for support and have been gathering together during the past several weeks for times together and meals. Vince Jr., Dan, Jodi, and family from Alberta, Crystal, Roland family , Darren and JJ family from Vancouver island, Allan
from Prince George.

All of this is a definite bonus to my 66 years! 

Things are looking up…

Victoria is a beautiful city to receive treatment and spend some unscheduled time with my wife, Henny…

A rare gene discovered that will help me

All the support from everyone. 

I am feeling great in spite of my diagnosis

Reaching for the stars, yet accepting whatever Gods will is. 

I realize many of you have, had, are coping or know others in similar or various situations.  My sympathy, prayers and love go your way.

Attached are a few pictures of the facility and area we are staying in Victoria for the week. A monkey in our room and our family at a home gathering. 

As my brother says, enjoy every precious moment…

Love & hugs to you all! 

Thanks for the hugs and support brother!

I’ll add more of Vince’s photos soon…

– Dennis


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