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[blank_space height=’1em’]Mastery of Meditation is not easy!  This week I had some challenges with the 15 minute daily “sit”.  Since it’s a required piece in this intriguing puzzle to retrain the brain and I’m 100% committed to the process of learning to control my thoughts to initiate some changes in my life, I want to master this.

Funny how the dominoes fall eh? My good friend, Gary Scott, has recently co-authored and published a new book, Mastery, and he sent me a copy to read and write a review.  I received the book last week and I read a chapter each morning in my golden hour from 6 am to 7 am.

Coincidently one of the sections in his book is about the Power of the Mind. Really? Coincidence? 

The chapter I read this morning helped me understand the importance of the quiet time. It was titled: The Fast Way to Slow Down.

And as Scott points out – no, the title is NOT counterintuitive. Here’s why…

Slow Down to Speed Up!

For most of our waking hours our brain is full of raging random thoughts. Every thought and emotional link triggers another thought… and another… and another.  Thoughts spin around at warp speed about family, finances, jobs or whatever else, on a constant merry-go-round.

The Bad News  most of it is negative thought!  The fight or flight defence of our ancestors is still embed deep within our genes and connects directly to current stress, anxiety and depression.
The Good News  you can learn to slow down the raging thoughts and the latest stress in your mind, alone in quiet time.  It’s called meditation.

Mastery of Meditationaaahhh – are you kidding?  Me meditate! hahaha…. good one!

OK – I get it. You thought meditation was some eastern ritual only used by monks, west coast hippies and incense burning weirdos – not otherwise normal western folks like you and me.

Nope – far from it! In fact,  over 20 million people in North America just like you and me practice meditation. And you can bet the Aussies, Europeans, UK and many folks from other nations are right up there too using meditation for stress reduction, healing and problem solving. 

The explosion of scientific data in recent years to support the benefits is indisputable.  Even Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers, and US Congressman Tim Ryan advocate using meditation to balance your life AND General Mills, Target and Facebook have their employees doing meditation. 

Not that any of those examples influence me.  I promised myself I’d do it every day and I always keep my promises. But there may some who might think it was too “out there” to consider.  Think again!

OK – I’m in!  I got this one!

I’ll be slowing down my mind to speed up my learning, expand my memory, reduce anxiety, enhance my creativity, promote better sleep, strengthen my immune system and increase my overall vitality.

Pick any one or two of those and meditation mastery is well worth the effort eh?

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Meditation Mastery is Not Optional!

One of the exercises last week was to master a couple of easy methods like focusing on breathing or a short mantra to inhibit random thoughts during my 15 minute sit. Tougher than it sounds!  This week Haanel kicked it up a notch with these new instructions: 

“I want you to not only be perfectly still, and inhibit all thought as far as possible, but relax, let go, let the muscles take their normal condition; this will remove all pressure from the nerves, and eliminate that tension which so frequently produces physical exhaustion”. 

[blank_space height=’1em’]Here’s why it’s critical:

[pullquote align=”normal” cite=””]Physical relaxation is a voluntary exercise of the will and the exercise will be found to be of great value, as it enables the blood to circulate freely to and from the brain and body. Tensions leads to mental unrest and abnormal mental activity of the mind; it produces worry, care, fear and anxiety. Relaxation is therefore an absolute necessity in order to allow the mental faculties to exercise the greatest freedom.[/pullquote]

I’m sure it will become easier each day and meditation mastery will be achieved before the course finishes.  The big bonus is I will then be able to use the skill for the rest of my life any time – any place.

So much to reflect this week – I may have to write another post to share more of my MKMMA experiences and offer more musings.

’til then…

Dennis Goff
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  • Are we connected somehow? I commenced a meditation course but have reached week 2, 3 times… the latest being only a week ago Due to lack of discipline, will start again. At the time of writing this, I am sitting in a hotel room sleepless at 3 am about to jot up an idea for which I think might bring me a writing gig – going to hand the proposal to them in the morning and see what happens.
    Yes, I believe in the power of meditation and your note is a timely kick in the beeeehind to be disciplined enough to keep at it!
    So, would I be asleep right now if I had meditated or would the creative juices be flowing anyway… mmmmm
    Good vibes for your site.

  • Hey Lyn – haven’t you heard? We’re all connected. lol. Glad to hear my post gave you a boot to the bum to get back on track. Good luck with your new gig!

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