MKE Week 22: Master your Moods to Control your Destiny


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I master moods to control destiny.  Sounds simple eh. My experience over the past couple of weeks drove Mandino’s quote home to me with enough blunt force to provoke serious refection.  And it was delivered in an extremely theatrical presentation not merely a theoretical context.

 You’ll understand precisely what I mean if you read my post from week 20: Challenge: Discovering Gratitude Through Pain.  So I won’t bemoan the pain again – it’s in the past and flippin’  happy to leave it there!

It was a timely occurrence ‘cuz the ongoing pain and resulting sleep debt haunted me with a multitude of mood swings for days. Eventually, after several gloomy days, the sun burst thru the moody haze I had wrapped around myself and I finally got it.

The compounding effect of the constant repetition reading Scroll VI rewarded me with the knowing that if I used activity to shift my moods it made a huge difference.  Of course, we have probably all experienced this many times in our lives – BUT – we often react automatically based on our past programming and forget to choose a feeling to change our state of mind.

Take action – it works!

Master Moods with the Law of Vibration

I love the simple solution presented by Mandino and the wisdom in the Scrolls has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. I guess it’s because I think at a certain level typical of my personality (overview first) and I don’t dive deep into the the scientific data as much as others.

Fortunately for me, my mastermind partner and great friend, Terry Neraasen is a deep thinker, and his analytical scientist’s mind is quick to understand the most complex concepts.

As Terry states in the last paragraph of his recent post:

This is to my mind the epitome of “Act As If“. It applies to your entire existence; health, wealth, whatever it is you experience. The Law of Vibration applies not just to your physical health; mental health and your ability to attain whatever your goals in life toward which you strive are affected as well. Control your mind and thereby control your life experiences and those of people around you. It’s as simple and complicated as that…

Thanks for visiting my website today!

’til next time…

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  • First off: Oh, my!! what an awesome blog site!! Lovely!! and, sorry about your pain, but- it’s in yesterday! So glad I stopped by- thank you!!

  • Hi Marj – thank you for your compliments. Glad you enjoyed my posts. Yes, punted the pain with corrected diet and a few laser treatments. It is indeed yesterday – and forgotten.

  • Aha… I was thinking about how you’d apply this to your sessions with the gouty ogre and you came through beautifully! Well done and thanks for the kind comments in your post.

  • You’re welcome Terry. I always love to read your posts. And thanks for your encouraging comments here over the past few months. I appreciate you!

  • Glad to hear that you are pain free and in control of it. Kudos with the brain mastery. Keep up the great work.

  • Hey thanks Barbara – great of you to visit again! Thanks for your comments. Working at it one day at a time. Cheers…

  • When given a choice between the two, I always choose Joe Montana over Richard Nixon – unlike reindeer – in which case I’ll pass over Donner in deference to Blitzen.

    Great post!

  • Very interesting indeed Dennis… You always seem in good spirits but you must have some shockers behind closed doors… Reflection and correction of behaviours. Powerful allies!

  • Well, thanks Loren! Never was a tricky Dicky fan and I gave up on Santa last year when his sled crashed MT. Everest on a test flight. Thanks for visiting!

  • Hi Lyn – Yes – usually in good spirits and enjoy the odd glass of red too. What I found is – if the guy in the glass talks back – listen! Thank you for your comments. Always great to have you visit here.

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