MKE Week 17 – Ignite Change: Set Your Frequency for Success


Time Capsule: I'm an ongoing student of the universe, adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan... and 'Still Crazy After All These Years'.

These musings are not intended to be a condensed version of the Master Key lesson this week. They are simply  present moment reflections sparked by material I’m studying from Haanel, Mandino, Hill and Mark J and his team.  Last week the entire community worked on Kindness.  

How do you Feel About Success?

That’s the key question isn’t it?  I choose to ignite change.

Mark J and his caring team are the bright beacon guiding my Master Key experience (without influence or judgement) so I discover for myself how to apply the knowledge in the course to become a confident self-directed thinker.  Not for the faint of heart tho’.  

This week the virtue I am observing is persistence – in others and myself – to raise my awareness and build self-confidenceAnd my mental muscle, exercising overtime, caused some emotional overflow for the past couple of weeks and prompted sharing this…

Guess the ONE Secret Weapon that used with persistence, will explode your success ratio exponentially, every time without fail? 

The answer my friend is not blowin’ in the wind.

I am a human dynamo!

You’ll become a human dynamo!

Really, Dennis, in week 14 you told me I was a lion, then I was nature’s greatest miracle from Mandino’s scroll IV, now I’m a human dynamo from Master Key lesson 17?  Alright then – I can hardly wait to see what unfolds next week!

So, what IS this one secret weapon for success?

Drum roll please…  It’s your sharing your feelings!

Feelings? Yeah, right…  like that’s gonna happen anytime soon!

Keep in mind, I’m leading the baby boomer generation by a couple of years.  You can do the math.  My late teens, early twenties era was well known for comments like:

Real Men don’t eat quiche, wear pink shirts, watch chick flicks
or share their feelings. 

I never bought into the first and third of that machismo speak and pink was never my colour anyway but I did watch sappy movies and usually needed a Kleenex or two to dab my eyes.

But share my feelings you say?  

Broadcast your feelings…

Get in touch with your feelings… observe how you feel about your thought and choose the feeling that serves you best in the moment.  Kick your thoughts up a notch with love and vitality, broadcast them to the world and you’ll attract more success than you can handle one lifetime!  Huh?

What’s the catch? No catch…

Well, maybe one small catch.  Knowledge doesn’t apply itself so when I apply the knowledge I’ve been learning in the MLMMA, I’ll create my own dream lifestyle with gratitude, love, harmony and abundant true wealth.

Here’s why…

Abundance begins as an inside job. Remember the power within? As we learn to internalize a high vibration, we contribute to the global movement towards ethics, spirituality and consciousness. MKMMA is all over that worthy ideal.

Since feelings are an awareness of the vibration we are in at any given moment, they attract or repel what we want either by default or design.  It’s our choice.  Most people don’t understand the laws of nature or use them to their advantage. 

It’s one of the Seven Laws of the Mind:
The Law of Dual Thought

Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want. 

Choosing the right feelings is a skill.  So I practice applying my knowledge of the Law of Dual Thought to develop my skill at raising my vibration to a higher frequency.

You can too!

Dial in the right frequency to clear the static in your life and you’ll be dancing to a different beat all day long!  Much like a radio receiver – dial in the right frequency until it’s crystal clear – the static fades totally away.

In her light, conversational writing style, Lynn Grabhorn’s book “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” (the astonishing power of feelings) explains it simply:

“Our feelings go out from us in electromagnetic waves. Whatever frequency goes out will automatically attract its identical frequency, thus causing things to happen – good or bad – by finding their matching vibrations.” 

In the Master Key System Haanel drills home the science behind this principle truth time after time so there in no chance of missing how critical it is to add love and vitality to our thoughts.

It is the key to growth. And it’s one of nature’s laws. Works the same
for everyone, every time.

Whatever we think about grows. What we forget atrophies. Without exception.

It’s also called Law of Love or the Law of Attraction and it’s more universally known as the Law of Cause and Effect.  They are all one and the same.

The Law of Attraction quickly exploded into a worldwide buzz with the release of
the movie The Secret produced by Rhonda Byrne in 2006.

The movie raised the collective consciousness in many societies to realize there was indeed a science to achieving success that anyone could tap into to manifest their intentions. However it left out a key ingredient.

Become a Conscious Attractor

Our good friend, Judy Berg, developed a seminar, “Attracting Success” to guide others in understanding the Law of Attraction, and she became an authority on the techniques needed to create through attraction.  From her research with noted experts on quantum physics she was able to fill the void left by The Secret.

She clarified the process for those who were open to learn the subtle shift in perspective makes THE difference in results.

In the West most folks believe success is related to what we do, and don’t expect to find it in the world within. So it become all about busi-ness.  And we hear about Be – Do – Have or Do – Be – Have.  But is the sequence correct?  Does it follow universal laws? You decide…

This excerpt is paraphrased from Judy’s book and since she is an expert on Law of Attraction I offer you her perspective to clarify the process of manifesting.  I believe it’s congruent with Haanel’s.

Commonly Held Perspective

We encounter a problem and ask, “ What do I need to do?” And immediately want to take action to solve it. For example, “What can I DO to make more money?” We believe if we DO enough, we will HAVE all the things we desire and can then BE the person we would like to be.

Doing is something happening outside us and doesn’t connect our feelings to success. It says if you work hard enough you can get anything you desireIt doesn’t start with an alignment of character, value, or ethics.

Quantum Physics says it’s first about our BEING, our emotional vibration. We first Be-come the person we were intended to be, then we HAVE a vibration in alignment with our dreams, and only then can we tap into the intuitive genius of the universe to DO the inspired, intuitive actions

Is it a coincidence her book is in complete harmony with natural laws of the universe and the works of Haanel we are studying?  I don’t think so!

Judy goes on to detail how success is an inside job requiring a three-step process beginning with personal growth and intention. (sounds familiar)

Attracting Success Principles

BE – Clarity of INTENTION
DO – Inspired (in spirit) INTUITIVE action

You are as Powerful Through BEING as you can IMAGINE!

The Three Step Process

  • BE – You are clear about the success you desire. Once you are clear about what you intend, hold a high vibration of expectation and belief.
  • HAVE – hold a feeling in alignment with what you want, devoid uncertainty, fear, doubt or any low level emotional vibrations. The vibration of emotion or feelings determines the resonance of what is being attracted.
  • DO Inspired INTUITIVE actions. These are rich and abundant ideas to bring your dreams to reality.Inspired action are in contrast to the linear solutions of most goal setting and action planning models, but are the models of great discoveries and creativity

Setting the Right Frequency

My marvellous mind wandered down a winding pathway reflecting these thoughts as I studied Week 17 from Haanel where he elaborates in great detail the importance of understanding and practicing Concentration of Thought, Intuition and Vibration. 

Haanel also suggests we may be pursuing the symbols of power instead of power itself… and the effects that action will have on our results.  Hmmm – topic for a future post.

This quote helps me stay tuned to my potential:

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can
hear it coming.”

david bowie

Who are YOU going to BE tomorrow?

Give it some serious thought. Add high frequency feelings of love and vitality.
Set your frequency for success and ignite change by sharing your feelings – broadcast them to the world. In the meantime…

I’ve created a gift for you.  Get this free PDF of the Seven Laws of the Mind. (no email required). Click on the image to download it.

’til next time…

 PS: Don’t be shy… get engaged and leave your comments below.

  • What an incredible post Dennis. I’m printing it out, and will be reading and re-reading it, and sharing it in the week/s to come. Thank You.

  • Martin, you’re very welcome! I’m happy to have added some enjoyment and value to your day. I appreciate your kindness and compliments. Let me know if I can be of further service. Make it a great week!

  • Dennis, What an awesome, insightful post. I really enjoyed the excerpt from Judy Berg’s book and the further explanation of what we are learning in Haanel. Thank you for your well thought out musings.

  • What a delight to get a compliment like this from you, Patti! Thank you for reading this post and I’m glad you enjoyed it. You’re welcome here anytime!

  • Hi Dennis! Brilliant breakdown and an awesome, insightful post! Love the quote from Bowie 🙂 My photographer in the late 90s to mid 2000s was Bowie’s early personal photographer. I remember David calling Andy one day during a photo shoot, I asked Andy who that was on the phone, and he simply replied …that was David. Andy had pic’s taken of him from the 70s as they traveled on a train during a tour in Russia. Read your previous post and must say you have a beautiful family. Great Job my friend!!!

  • Thank you for adding value to this post with your interesting story about David Bowie! I appreciate your compliments, Dave about our grand kids! Yah – we love’em and the time with them is precious. Enjoy every present moment, Dave.

  • Wow, yes, I love you state “now I’m a human dynamo.” Thanks for sharing lots of powerful resources.

  • hahaha – It’s gotta be fun on the way by, Nisa! And Haanel suggests we can all be dynamos – so I give myself permission to be one. You can too – claim it! Thanks for your comment…

  • What an awesome post with so much insight that we can all learn from. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing

  • Always a treat to be honoured by a visit from you, Eleanor. Thank you for your compliments and happy to add some enjoyment. Let’s make this a fantastic week! Enjoy every precious moment!

  • Thank you, Dennis, for your potent post! I’m in agreement with the power of crystal clear clarity and Becoming the vibration of what I’m choosing to attract. You’ve brought together many powerful guidelines that help us see the alignment with Universal Principles. I appreciate all that you’ve shared.

  • Hi Fawn – Great to see you here today! Thank you for your compliments! It’s been a challenge for me to get engaged and stay active some weeks – but worth the effort every day.

  • It is an honour to have my work recognized on your post, Dennis. You and Nicki have always been an inspiration for me! You are doing great work towards the collective goal of shifting consciousness on the planet, which is sorely needed today.

    Knowing we can enhance the state of the global community by just changing ourselves is so empowering. In the 70’s, I too was exposed to some beliefs that thankfully have shifted – we don’t have to burn bras! We can have significant impact right at home by becoming the person we would want others to be!

    Two of my favorite quotes – “BECOME the change you want to see in the world!” “Change YOURSELF – and the people around you will change.”

  • Judy, speaking of inspiration… I appreciate the value you add to this post by adding your comments. Thank you! I am so grateful for the awareness we gained in our time with you and Jim. It set the stage for a totally different way of looking at all we encounter in our lives. Looking forward to reconnecting. Enjoy every present moment!

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