Master Key Week 6: How to Stop Failing and Start Winning…


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If you read week 5 post¬†about Why Your Opinions Suck, you’re gonna love this one… Oops! Was that an opinion? Can’t believe I let one slip!

Did you ever wonder why some people always seem to be successful… no matter what they take on? Has this mystery plagued you time and time again?  Turns out there is secret to their success that’s missed by most of us as we journey through life stumbling and consistently failing.

So what’s the secret then?  Is there a plan or system or mechanism we can use to increase our chances of winning at this game of life?

Yes… and you already have it in your possession!

The lesson in Week 6 opens the door to adding some heat to the foundation MKE has been helping me lay for hero’s journey.

Haanel’s words gave me a smack long side the head with this bit of reality:

We are accustomed to examining the mechanism of the implements which we use for tilling the soil, and we try to get an understanding of the mechanism of the automobile which we drive, but most of us are content to remain in absolute ignorance of the greatest piece of mechanism which has ever come into existence, the brain of man.

 I loved the truth behind his statement and immediately thought of all the distractions we are constantly bombarded with every day that vie for our attention.  And my attention span has taken a big hit over the past couple of years.  So as I look in the mirror and admit it’s time to retrain my brain to concentrate on the thoughts I know will move me toward my goals,
it’s inspiring!

Precise science is paralleled with another mechanism we all are familiar with and use daily as Haanel paints a clear picture in 6:20:

The power of attention can be more readily understood by comparing it with a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focused; they possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent.

Imagine what we can create when we learn how to focus our thoughts and keep our attention on our Definite Main Purpose and the goals driving it.

Think it might ignite our business or whatever change we want to happen in our life? I certainly do.

The thing is… we constantly diminish the power of any given thought by letting thousands of random and totally unrelated thoughts scatter our attention and concentration.  So we never get the result we want. Duh!  I hate that!

It comes down to one thing only – get freakin’ focused, Dennis!

Ring any bells for you?

This week I challenged myself to observe my thoughts, choose the feeling I attach to them and promised to stay more focused on my
critical thinking habits.

So far the MKMMA course has given me the desire to keep exploring the power of my mind and retrain my subconscious mind to attract more of what I want to experience in my life.

It’s working and I love it!

’til next time…
– Dennis

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  • Great Job Dennis. Really admire the way you keep your writing clean and simple. It really is amazing how we have been so easily distracted by the bright shiny objects in our lives. FOCUS! I am going to go start some fires. Thanks again.

    BTW the site looks great. I was looking for a follow button so I could add you to my list of Blogs to follow. I’m new to blogging and site layout so I probably just missed it.

  • Superb post Dennis. It IS working and your thoughtful analysis heightened by obvious enthooosiasm makes a great read. Awesome!

  • Picture failing less and winning more, every detail, every day. Life-changing… I absolutely love it Dennis!

  • Thanks Terry! This course challenges thinking at a different level. I find some weeks (like this one) easier to internalize.

  • Phil, Many thanks for your comments. I appreciate you! Let me know if I can be of any help with your adventures… since we’re almost neighbours. Well – at least in the same country.

  • Thank you Colin – the cool thing is it really works. It sets up a vibration to attract more of what you want in your life.

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