MKE Week 21: How the Gutless Comfort Zone can Sabotage the Hero’s Journey


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Our comfort zone is a dream stealer of epic proportions that influences our hero’s journey constantly.

My Master Key Experience is about uncovering the hidden power within by recognizing the truth in the universal laws and applying the knowledge gained about the methods to employ to achieve whatever dreams or goals I choose to experience in my life.

Simple premise – hard mental labour is required to master the skills.

The Hero’s Journey identified by Joseph Campbell is at the heart of all adventures and the theme followed by most movies and books. Answering the call to embark on my own hero’s journey is the ultimate commitment to change my life from my current state to a desired state of unlimited potential (in whatever I choose it to be).

The challenges are waaaay outside my comfort zone and give me cause to pause and re-examine my beliefs to see if they are serving who I want to become as a result of my journey.

Stepping into the unknown takes courage, self confidence and faith…

And in the face of the challenge it’s so easy to slip back in the the welcoming warmth and embrace of my comfort zone without even noticing it. I thought a lot about that during the past couple of weeks as I was studying the Hero’s Journey in the movie Finding Joe. And worked hard at staying in the flow.

In photo at the top of the post less than 5% of us ever leave our comfort zone and follow our heart. Those who answer the call live extraordinary lives filled with excitement, adventure, love, abundance and true wealth.

Slaying the dragons of fear, doubt and worry along the way is a constant battle and the keen few who find the strength to let go of what they now have in favour of allowing what they truly desire to show up project a brilliant light on the world.

Comfort Zone vs Power Plan of Action

As I head in the home stretch of this course I hit a fork in road.  To the left the pathway abruptly swings in a reluctant U-turn and heads directly back to the comfort zone and broken dreams.  To the right the map reveals a secret passage through the Abyss and the GPS supplied by the universal mind will propel my plan of action into a new world of success for me.

As Haanel aptly states in 21:22

“In the last analysis there are but these two classes; all people have to take their place on one side or the other; they will have to go forward or go back; there is no standing still in a world where all is motion; it is this attempt to stand still that gives sanction and force to arbitrary and unequal codes of law…”

So the path before me is one of applying the knowledge and gaining mastery over the process as we’ve been taught.  Focus and persistence will steer me along the path of right thinking to bring in to my new reality the definite main purpose I have been clarifying over the past few months.

Clarity is key because the old pictures in my mind are slowly being replaced by new pictures with detailed precision by the art of visualization.

I know any picture impressed on the subconscious mind and held until the results are obtained is the only way to make lasting changes. So my challenge moving forward will be to paint a clear picture with the faith and knowing it will show up.  And stay committed to the process.  And eliminate all fear…

Eliminate the Mother of All Fears

War of Art

All of us like to think of ourselves of fearless warriors on a great adventure.  However the hidden fears that paralyze us are never easy to identify.  I had no idea the mother of all fears was the fear of success. I thought the fear of failure or the fear of death, or maybe fear of running out of money might top the list but in Stephen Pressfield’s book The War of Artsuccess is dubbed the “mother of all fears”. Surprised me!

Curious to know why?  You should be – it could be what’s holding you back.  However I’m not going to spoil a good read for you.  I encourage you to get the book and discover for yourself how this may affect your life and your business.  Self discovery is best right?

Pressfield’s claim is echoed in this line from a poem by Marianne Williamson:

 “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

You may like this free PDF download gift I created for you with the poem:  
Our Deepest Fear

Learn how to eliminate fear, let your light shine brightly and step into your power.

’til next time…

PS:  What are you thoughts on Marianne Williamson’s poem – leave a comment below…

  • Awww success. Sometimes when I think of becoming successful, I think about how much work it would take to remain successful (fear of the unknown). Then, that old comfort zone tries to bring me back to that old life and old blueprint, and the life I know (but may not want). Nobody said this journey was going to be easy but I think we are headed in the right direction.

  • Hi Eleanor – isn’t success automatic when we are continually expanding? Yes we are heading in the right direction and I think since we’ve been stretched by the BIG idea of following our heart… we can never really go back to our old blueprint and be happy with same old results we had in the past. Thank you for adding value to my blog. I appreciate you!

  • Another great post Dennis. Oh yeah, painting that clear picture and then having the faith that the dream, idea, objects back of it have already been created takes hard mental labour. And then confronting the dragons that seem to be getting more tenacious than ever takes an immense amount of courage. You have the tools . Just keep practicing.

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Terry. Found some creative new tools this week to leverage the very things that often are stumbling blocks. Gotta love that eh?

  • I love Marianne’s poem, we certainly do hold ourselves back from achieving the potential we have within us! Keep with this Dennis, your sharing is helping me!

  • Hi Rex – Yes – it is a keeper! Thank you for your comments – happy to help…

  • Dennis,
    Love the message the featured picture and the book “the War of Art”. I have not read it all but did go to check out some of the videos by both Steven Pressfield and Shawn Coyne. The story Grid. needed that because of so much floating inside scattered. Now it won’t be.

    I like this site and am glad to be a finisher of the MKE course.

    Abundance and Happiness


  • Thank you Robert – I appreciate the value your comments add to my posts. Yah – The War of Art is a short easy read filled with nuggets for everyday living. It’s a worthy read.

  • Great Post Dennis! This one will certainly lead to more contemplation on “what am I pretending not to know” 🙂

  • Hi Bob, thanks for reading and commenting. Alway great to add a little spark to readers in different ways. Cheers!

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