Master Key Week 2: Creating a New Blueprint for Life


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Creating a new blueprint for my life is exciting! The first week blew by in a whirlwind of activity setting up a structure to hold myself accountable for daily study and exercises. At the end of the week I was feeling confident and proud of myself for being so organized.

I was in “back to school” mode by week 2, ready to begin creating a new blueprint for my life.

Then, unexpectedly over the weekend…

My old blueprint resisted with a vengeance wanting to keep me stuck in my old paradigm – thinking the way I’d always thought getting what I’d always got. Insane eh?

Fortunately for me the true value of one-on-one coaching this week was vividly etched in my mind and I am grateful for the wisdom of my MKMMA coach pointing me back to true north.

Get with the program Dennis! Open up and start thinking NEW thoughts. The old ones simply aren’t working anymore! Chip off some some of the concrete coating and take get a glimpse of who you really are… then get the job done properly!  (my interpretation)

Week 2 webinar was a serious mind bender! And when my “old stuff” kept coming to the surface influencing my thinking… it blurred my vision about what I really wanted to experience in my life.

Mark J drilled home with a passionate conviction one of the 7 Laws of The Mind…

The Law of Dual Thought

Thought is a combination of ideation and feeling. We can attach any feeling to a thought we want.  

One of the truths to uncovering my hidden power had just smacked me in the head! It woke me up to the limitations I had been drowning myself in for many years. 

So I did a complete 180 and started observing my thoughts and CHOOSING to attach a feeling that would serve me best.  Yeah – I know I won’t nail each individual thought with the best feeling all the time.  However… over time the habit will form and move me closer to my definite purpose. Yessssss!

I’ve had this gnawing feeling for a few years that there was “something missing” from my life and couldn’t really pinpoint it. 

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance arrived at exactly the right time to help me shift from ego to meaning and chip off the concrete to reveal the real me.  Bit of a tough go tho’… too much freakin’ concrete!

I had no idea just how much concrete had been poured over me for years!  It was so tough to crack through this week, I needed a jack hammer to chip of a few pieces to get a small glimpse of my self-worth and self-confidence.

I know it will be hard work to create my new blueprint but imagine the freedom I will enjoy as a result. It will be priceless!

Busy this week deconstructing incorrect assumptions.

I love what Bill Gove said about freedom:

If I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me, not the me I think you think I should be, not the me I think my wife thinks I should be, not the me I think my kids think I should be, no… no. If I want to be free, I’ve gotta be me.

Bill Gove – Father of Professional Speaking

Keep chippin’ away at the concrete!

’til next time…
– Dennis

PS:  Short video clip from the movie ‘Finding Joe’ illustrates how we all have to chip away at the concrete that has been piled on covering the gold within…

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