MKE Week 15 – Conformity Sidetracks Success: The Guy in the Glass


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Conformity is Not in my Vision

In September 2015 I decided to embark on a quest of non conformity to explore the vast uncharted regions of my marvellous mind with MKMMA.  Master Key Musings reflects my experience each week.  Occasionally, I may rant or ramble a little but it’s a musing, right?

Yes, I knew it would be challenging but I had my stalwart companion, the guy in the glass, along for the ride.

No worries tho’ eh?

We were primed and good to go.

Or so I thought… ‘cuz the guy in the glass had always been there for me in the past.  Little did I know… we’d be into some serious sparring within a couple of months of starting this course.

More about that shortly, but first…

A Quick Reflection on Scroll IV

Og Mandino has my greatest respect.  In fact,  I’m in awe of the knowledge and wisdom I’ve uncovered reading the scrolls in The Greatest Salesman in the World.  And how well it links to the lessons from Haanel and to Nightingale’s The Strangest Secret. 

Scroll lV reinforces a little nugget we’ve all heard before but may not have grasped the full significance of it or taken it to heart. 

Or at least I haven’t. Have you?  It’s pure gold so let’s remember it…

I am a unique creature of nature.  I am rare, and there is value in rarity; therefore I am valuable…

OG Mandino

Gotta love that dude eh?  When someone tells me I’m valuable – they get my vote.

Last week, reading Scroll III, Og emphasized to me I am a lion and not to walk, talk or sleep with sheep. Now I’m a rare, valuable creature of nature? Can hardly wait to get to the next scroll!

If I’m to capitalize on the truth of my rarity – I must show my value to others by promoting my uniqueness and downplaying my similarities. 

Aha! Therein lies the challenge. Identifying and promoting my uniqueness. Dig deep to uncover the truth. Do it now!

I can hear the Guy in the Glass tonight:

“Knowledge doesn’t apply itself, Dennis! Go to your room and sit on the same chair and meditate on your value as a rare unique individual.  Stay there until you discover what it is.”

Yes sir – I’ll get right on that!  What a nut case – but I love the guy!

It’ll be interesting to see what bubbles up on this one.

And maybe I’ll gain some insight into how my rarity can be embraced and implemented in my action plan to meet my challenges head-on for 2016.  Because it sounds like my power to prosper is wrapped up in these essential exercises. 

One of the weekly routines is reading other MKMMA blog posts.  It’s always a source of inspiration for me.  This week one quote jumped out at me ‘cuz it speaks the truth as I see it:  

Conformity Side Tracks Success

Step back a couple of weeks…

T’was the night before Christmas I wrote to you about The Strangest Secret and left you gift of the recording and a download link so you could play it often. 

I listened to it several times over the holidays and again this morning.  This is powerful knowledge and each time I listen I gain new insights from Earl.

He pulls together and condenses much of the knowledge I have been studying from Haanel and Mandino.  He adds enough heat to it on the recording to ignite a spark in all of us to play a better game in life. Have you listened to it yet?  Don’t miss it!

What spoke loudly to me was the Rollo May comment:

Why? Because it connects closely with Mandino’s  Scroll III  where he vehemently insists I am a lion and to quit walking, talking and sleeping with sheep. My post last week can be read here.

Earl goes on to explain the 95% believe their life is shaped by circumstances, have no goals or know where they are going. I find that scary! But I know it’s the truth.

Haanel’s entire course drums home the wisdom of the ages penned by many scholars, poets, scientists, authors etc.  The key to success and failure is “we become what we think about.”
Listen to the bard from the past:

“Our doubts are traitors and makes us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt.”  – Shakespeare

It all points in the same direction doesn’t it?  If I think about a worthwhile goal and persist with my focus, I’ll achieve it.  And conversely, if don’t have a goal or even a clue where I’m going – then confusion, fear, worry and anxiety set in and my life becomes one of “quiet desperation”… screw that!

So all in all – my MKKMA experience so far this year has been a little unsettled – the old one step forward and two steps back did rear it’s ugly head this week. Had some doubts and was grateful to have Mandino and Nightingale with me to settle my thoughts and help me focus again.  

I’ll have to tell ya about sparring with the Guy in the Glass another time.

In the meantime…

A Special Gift for You

The original poem by Dale Wimbrow  titled “The Guy in the Glass” was first published in the American Magazine in 1934. Reciting it out loud is a powerful way to get back in touch your your inner self.  I use it every day and thought you might enjoy this gift, so…

I created a special PDF for you to download so you can talk to your own guy or gal in the glass. You’re gonna love it! Click on the image to download the FREE PDF.

The Guy in the Glass
The Gal in the Glass

What You’ll Want to do Next…

Print out a copy.  Tape it on your mirror at eye level and read it out loud every evening before bed. Then, look yourself right in the eye (in the mirror) and tell the guy or gal how much you love them.

Love ya!

’til next time…

PS:  What?  You think you’re gonna sound silly?  Of course you will!  Who cares!  It works and you’ll be stunned at the response.

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  • Dennis, your post pulls a lot of diverse material together and knits it into a nice package; Mandino, Haanel , Nightingale and The Guy In The Glass. I can see and hear you talking to the guy in the glass. Getting to know you and that Guy in the Glass are the ultimate master mind is pretty neat.

  • Always like to see my posts being read by those who appreciate them, because I appreciate you!! Many thanks, Terry, for your encouraging comments. Yeah – our mastermind is destined for greatness.

  • Another great read, Dennis. Your blogs are great, like going on an adventure. I agree with you, Og Mandino’s wisdom,insight, and beautiful use of words (this weeks Haanel comes to mind regarding words being the vessels of thought) is stunning. I urge everyone I know, to read the book, and have given it as gifts, we are truly honoured to have his writings.

    Thanks for your post. It is obvious that you put a great deal of effort into your blog. May 2016 be hugely rewarding. Enjoy your uniqueness!

  • you are a great salesman of this course, Dennis 🙂 May you reap lots and lots of new people to get ‘in’! (I’m sure you will, doing the way you do it)

  • Dominica – Thank you for your compliment! It would be hard not to “shout from the rooftops” about my MKMMA experience for a couple of reasons. First: MKMMA offers the ideal solution to anyone who has a desire uncover their true self. It’s worthy of my time to share that message with the world. Second: As Mandino says, “But my skills, my mind, my heart and body will stagnate, rot and die lest I put them to good use. I have unlimited potential.”

    The guy in the glass has no intention of stagnating in this chapter of his life. So I challenge myself to do my absolute best for others and myself. This blog is my cello. Thanks for visiting often, Dominica. I appreciate you!

  • Thank you for reading this post and commenting, Martin. It’s adventure for me to write these articles too. I love the scrolls. Can you imaging the impact on society if this study was part of high school curriculum? The discussions would be amazing!

    The universe is fortunate to have unique creatures like you and me. Let’s make it a fantastic 2016. I appreciate your compliments – thank you!

  • Dennis, how true conformity causes stagnation. And in society today it is expected that we all should all think and act alike. It’s refreshing to see that some are choosing a higher calling. Thank you for sharing such enlightening thoughts about your journey. Best wishes – Henry

  • Great Quote from Shakespeare. Thank you. Putting that to print… “Our doubts are traitors and makes us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt” Encouragement for me. You are the best.

  • Thank you Julia – happy to hear you found this post encouraging. It’s been great to mastermind with you this year. I appreciate your ongoing interest and engagement with my blog. Many thanks!

  • I really enjoyed reading your blog… and it looks very professional… well done. You pull together a lot of the different readings and activities we are doing in MKMMA in a clear way which helps me understand them deeper. Thank you! Best wishes on your Hero’s Journey!

  • Thank you for your compliments. Glad you found this post enjoyable. I appreciate your comments. We are all hero’s in our short time on this planet – we simply have to stake our claim. Congrats for joining us on this adventure!

  • Great quotes! I really enjoy reading your blogs. They are very encouraging and a great review of what we are learning.

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