You’re Probably Here Because…

You feel like you want be more, achieve more, live a more vibrant lifestyle.

You’re simply sick of spinning in circles waiting for the ‘right time’ or opportunity to show up.

You’re frustrated because you’re always building some else’s dream instead of your own.

You’ve tried and failed to identify your purpose and decide who your future self will be.

Self-doubt and fear have slithered in causing you to feel insecure.   

Relax… You’re not alone!

Millions of people admit to being insecure, wishing they had the self-confidence to achieve their dream.  Yet, remain that way and you’ll regrettably live a life in the shadows. A life on the fringe. Always watching, wishing, never doing. I know, I’ve been there.

Fortunately, there’s an answer…

We’ll show you how sharpen your focus so you can discover your true purpose, crystallize your vision and create a plan of action to achieve whatever outcomes or goals you desire.

How do you plan to do that?

We’ll guide you step-by-step so you gain the knowledge you need to shift from failure to success as part of our powerful mastermind alliance. 

You’ll even get one-on-one personalized guidance to replace limiting habits with new habits empowering you to soar to new heights of awareness and achievement.

It’s like starting a new life – one of limitless potential. Becoming the person you were intended to be with support from a community of like minded adventurers. 

Take a few minutes to review my Master Key Experience page.

So Who is Dennis Goff?

As an entrepreneurial grand dad blogger, on the leading edge of the vibrant boomer generation, I follow my passion of helping others empower themselves to live their best life. It’s a purpose driven journey ever-expanding with our online presence.

A quick look in the rearview mirror:

I enjoyed a successful 39 year offline career focused on small business development, team building, sales & marketing and self management projects in western Canada. Fortunately, I escaped from the corporate jungle in 2008 and never looked back.

Life before the internet was more predictable but life on the internet offers limitless opportunities and I enjoy the spontaneity of expanding my online ventures to new levels each year. Hence you stumbled across my website today.

Our Home Business Office 

Currently I live in the sleepy ocean side town of Comox on Vancouver Island with my lovely wife Nicki. The beautiful Comox Valley (above) is the perfect location for anyone, any age, to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle. The valley is fast becoming the #1 choice in Canada for a retirement haven with the baby boomers.

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters and three energetic grand kids. (photos) Not admitting to retiring for a minute tho’.

Our online entrepreneurial adventures have morphed into a pinnacle career and we’re lovin’ it!  Nicki is a published author of half a dozen Kindle books on Gardening…

And I developed the skills to create highly visual and extremely efficient websites for Bloggers and Home Business entrepreneurs:

A New Quest Uncovers Gold

I felt something was missing in my life a few years ago so I started searching for some new meaning and I must say – it was and exhaustive search with extremely elusive results.

Seemingly, out of the blue, in August I found a intriguing video of an enthusiastic guy, standing on a rocky shore in Kauai, with waves splashing the camera lens as he talked. 

I loved the raw energy and unbridled emotion he projected so I was determined to find out more. 

I was thrilled by what I found…

Mark Januszewski and along with his wife, the fabulous Davene, offered a pay-it-forward scholarship for The Master Key Experience  – (MKE)  It was a six-month course tapping into the hidden power within us to change our outside world.  Sounded exciting to me.

Short version: I applied for one of the scholarships and was accepted!

My Master Key Master Mind Alliance adventure is way outside my comfort zone. My background as a business professional was team building and small business development in the corporate jungle for over 30 years. And I was very comfortable in that arena. 

Now, I’ve left that competitive world behind to explore my more creative world within. And having the time of my life! I guess it’s ‘my’ time.

MKMMA classes been proven to be a life-changing experience for many who have braved the same adventure.  I have no doubt as I increase my awareness and apply the principles I learn… my life will unfold as intended.

Exciting stuff is about to happen!

So, What About You?

Why are you here?  What can I do to be of service to you? 
Fear not, I have nothing to sell you. 

By following my progress, you may find yourself discovering how to think and stop listening to the “goo roos” who tell you what to think.
Imagine the power and control you’d then have!

Each week I’ll post fresh new musings as I uncover the real “me” and define my main purpose in life. Get an “up close and personal” picture and honest perspective of the progress I’m experiencing. Can you even imagine the feeling to have the power and control to change your life?  Goosebumps eh?

I was attracted to the Master Key Experience because of the core values of the folks who sponsor it and the one-on-one coaching of Certified Guides.  I am totally stoked and a little scared about the next six months, but I’m confident it will be an exciting, enlightening time. 

Come along for the ride as a reader and comment on my weekly posts.
I am learning a lot and so will you.

– Dennis


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